Wurx Nutrition Launches High Quality Supplements Formulated for Men and Women

By | September 13, 2017

People looking for premium supplements can now shop the Wurx Nutrition line of pre- and post-workout products and more

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (PRUnderground) September 13th, 2017

The team at Wurx Nutrition has announced the official launch of their complete line of supplements, which includes various pre- and post-workout supplements. Men and women can now shop the Wurx Nutrition brand via the company’s website.

Wurx Nutrition launched with a two-fold mission: to help men and women make healthy life changes and choices and deliver quality products at affordable prices. Now, the company has made this mission a reality by offering a premium line of high-quality supplements that cover various areas.

The company’s line includes formulas specially made for men and women, as well as products designed just for the gym. For instance, women and men can find their very own versions of post-workout supplements, fat burners, daily supplements, caffeine free fat burners and pre-workout supplements, amino supplements, and more. Pre-Stax products are available in bundles for men and women, as well.

The Wurx Nutrition team has also rolled out Night Wurx, a sleep aid supplement made with key ingredients for a good night’s sleep. The AdaptoWurx adaptogen supplement features traditional herbs that help the body fend off mental and physical stress to help users adapt to the rigorous demands of exercise and life generally. AndroWurx is the company’s testosterone support supplement and helps to support healthy testosterone production in men.

The company’s team has worked diligently to conduct research and testing to lead to successful formulas, and these formulas have already been used by customers who’ve left high reviews for thebrand. So far, customers have enjoyed higher levels of energy, more efficient and effective workouts, and shorter recovery times.

Wurx Nutrition continues to adapt their brand to suit the needs of customers and intends to continuously improve and add to their line of supplements. In addition, the company continues to share workout and fitness news with its customers while offering a single source for leading-edge supplements for men and women made with the best ingredients.

Anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle and health can visit the Wurx Nutrition website to learn more about the company’s supplements. More information can be found at https://wurxnutrition.com.

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Wurx Nutrition is committed to delivering the best quality supplements at affordable prices with a mission of helping people make healthy choices and changes.

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