The Light Network Celebrates Release of Patricia Gonzalez’s Uplifting “The Ultimate Experience”

By | May 15, 2018

A Course in Miracles has changed many lives. Author Patricia Gonzalez delivers its core message in an inspirational new novel based on its teachings.

Santa Barbara, CA (PRUnderground) May 15th, 2018

There are many paths to spiritual wisdom, serenity, and awakening. One that has won consistent praise for delivering life-changing results to the people walking on it, with sincerity, is the famous A Course in Miracles. In exciting news for those seeking a more fulfilling and spiritually fulfilled life, inspirational publishing house The Light Network, recently announced author Patricia Gonzalez is opening up the secrets to A Course in Miracles in her new novel “The Ultimate Experience: When the Student is Ready, Based on A Course in Miracles”. By approaching these lessons through a compelling story featuring characters that are easy for most to relate to, along with mixing in the excitement of a travel diary, “The Ultimate Experience” is not a book someone interested in true self-development would want to miss.

“For twenty-five years I struggled to stay on a Spiritual path… responsibilities like career, mortgage, bills, health, and relationships sucked up all the space,” commented Gonzales. “I was taught to be responsible. I just didn’t know how to do life any other way. This ‘old way’ of doing life came tumbling-down in 2008, and I was forced to surrender. My surrender turned me toward a ‘new way’ – A Course in Miracles and the practice of Forgiveness. And soon to follow – words, characters, dialog, lessons… seems a manuscript was unfolding on my mental screen. I was not a willing writer… far from it. Truth is, I looked around for someone else to take on the role of author for me. Not to be.”

Gonzales continued, “Time has allowed me understanding on why I was chosen to write the book, The Ultimate Experience, and deliver its message… and it wasn’t because I was a masterful writer. A Higher Source chose me… because, I know with certainty the power of Forgiveness. ”

According to the author, “The Ultimate Experience” is told through the eyes of a young man who chases his dream of becoming a writer from Spain to Paris, only to have a series of unfortunate events leave him and his life in great disarray. In what seems like a miracle a magical woman steps into his life to help as a teacher, and the great life-changing adventure begins its transformative path.

Early reviews have been very positive for the new book.

Christine S., from Utah, recently said in a five-star review, “Patricia Gonzales can be compared to an alchemist. Her book delivered a real change in my life without me even realizing it as it was happening. I am a better person from reading ‘The Ultimate Experience’. Fully recommended.”

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About The Light Network
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About Patricia Gonzales
PATRICIA GONZALEZ, an inspirational teacher and author shares her ‘tools for change’ in her new inspirational book ‘The Ultimate Experience.’ She tells her story cleverly, applying the wise teaching to practical experience, all culminating in an incredibly satisfying full circle.

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