Terra’s Garden is Only Company in the World with Full Selection of Kosher Products

By | February 16, 2017

Terra’s Garden is Only Company in the World with Full Selection of Kosher Products

Company continues to lead the charge for higher quality bagged salads and greens

(PRUnderground) February 16th, 2017

Pedro Langa, CEO at Terra’s Garden, has announced that his company is now the first and only in the world whose entire selection of products has received Kosher certification.

Terra’s Garden has forged ahead to deliver a higher quality of bagged salads and greens than other companies. The company has created its own signature wash process that ensures zero cross-contamination and a level of cleanliness that goes far beyond industry standards and regulation. The end result is clean, crisp, fresh salads and greens that can be consumed with confidence.

The innovative process is called TerraPure, a cleaning and packing process that was pioneered by top university professors in the agriculture industry, scientists, labs, and engineers. TerraPure leverages an organic wash and gentle brushing techniques with powerful filtration. The fully automated process eliminates human interaction and contamination.

The team at Terra’s Garden is pleased to announce that all of their products have received Kosher certification, making their company the first in the world to achieve such an accomplishment. Through Terra’s Garden, consumers have access to locally sourced spring mixes and romaine lettuce that are clean and fresh.

Langa recently celebrated his one-year anniversary as the CEO of Terra’s Garden, and since his appointment, Langa has forged ahead in the company’s mission to perfect the TerraPure system and grow the brand. According to Terra’s Garden, the partnership with Langa has greatly contributed to their successful track record. He also played a critical role in ensuring the Kosher certification of all Terra’s Garden products.

More information can be found at http://www.terrasgarden.com/.

About Terra’s Garden

Terra’s Garden offers locally grown spring mix and romaine lettuce that are cleaned using the company’s proprietary cleansing formula and five-step process.

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