STC asks the question, Is this the best flu shot program in the country?

By | April 20, 2017

Ohio Pharmacy chain increases flu shots by 25%

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (PRUnderground) April 20th, 2017

In its work with vaccination providers all over the country, representatives of STC (Scientific Technologies Corporation, a leader in immunization intelligence™) encountered a program that has them asking, Is this the best flu shot program in the country?

Given that it’s time for organizations to plan for the fall flu shot campaign, there is much to learn from Discount Drug Mart, a 73-store chain in Ohio, that has increased its number of flu shots by 25% over the past two seasons.

It starts with the mindset, and the Director of Pharmacy Operations, Jason Briscoe, who says, “We don’t like to talk about the number of flu shots given – we like to talk about the number of patients protected.” No wonder one of his pharmacists told us, “I love flu shot season.”

One way Briscoe keeps everyone thinking about the number of patients protected is with the company’s Flu Shot Tracker.  Among other things, this gives him a “dashboard” of Top Immunizers by store and by pharmacist, and it’s reported Daily, in Total and Most Improved. He says, “The Flu Shot Tracker becomes the default home page for our Intranet during flu season. It’s our intention that all employees, no matter the department, are engaged in the process.”

He adds, “Most people like to know how they’re doing, and most like to compete.” So they encourage friendly competition among stores with the right kind of rewards, the kind that acknowledge success but aren’t so valuable as to create negative tensions. (For instance, sports tickets, gift cards, and recognition in the form of a signed letter from the Board of Directors.)

At DDM they don’t just measure their program, but they make it a lively competition and a part of the culture – a sporting event for employee teams that reinforces a pleasant and efficient way for customer-patients to get protected

Details on DDM’s program and comments from two of their leading pharmacists can be found at

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Discount Drug Mart opened its first store in 1969, and currently provides care in 73 Ohio communities. The growth of Discount Drug Mart can be directly attributed to friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists and technicians. While pharmacy remains at the core, Drug Mart continues to offer a wide variety of products and services, low prices, and superior customer service — all with the convenience of one-stop shopping.  The company slogan says it all: “Discount Drug Mart Saves You the Runaround…We Have Everything You Need.” For more information, visit

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