SlingBoard Celebrates Creating “The Ultimate Air-Cooled Outdoor Core Workout”

By | December 8, 2017

SlingBoard celebrates getting fit in a brand new no-impact, fun and exciting way.

Tampa, Florida (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2017

Getting and staying in great shape doesn’t have to be boring or a chore. In fact, thanks to a new breakthrough from the innovative team at SlingBoard it can be the exact opposite. In exciting news sure to open eyes in the fitness world and with people just looking to have some fun under the sun, SlingBoard recently announced the launch of the SlingBoard and SlingStick. “SlingBoarding is the cross section of self-propulsion and skateboarding in an organic outdoor exercise”, states inventor John Wink. The SlingBoard and SlingStick open the door to participating in a new way in the emerging sport and activity land paddling, which is winning wide praise for its amazing health and conditioning benefits for muscles spanning the entire body. Land paddling is in the same extended family as paddle boarding, yet always available without having to get into the water at all.

“We are beyond happy to present the first hybrid mix of the paddle board, the skateboard, and the bicycle, driven by a technology that removes the impact, opening up the sport to a huge number of people interested in both being fit and having fun,” commented a spokesperson from SlingBoard. “We see only the sky being the limit to how popular SlingBoarding can become!”

According to the company, the SlingBoard features a 16” wide deck and 12” air-filled wheels coming together for an ideal design for both traveling over diverse terrain safely and being able to paddle confidently over long distances. The size also allows for a posture-perfect forward foot stance, which distributes body weight in an even way that ensures an effective, holistic, all-body workout. SlingBoard riders report being able to use their SlingBoard in an amazing, fun, and energizing way on pavement, dirt, grass, and sand, with it delivering a feel very near what a paddle board delivers on water.

The SlingStick is the world’s first and only power-response land paddle. When being used it multiplies a person’s SlingBoarding power three times, propelling them forward into adventure and a body fat burning, muscle toning fitness experience. The muscles at work when SlingBoarding certainly span the entire body yet the core and upper body are major targets, as each stroke is effectively a crunch against a power band workout system. The SlingStick features three modes: high power, low power and locked so it can deliver just what its user is looking for in a controlled way.

Currently, orders for both the SlingBoard and SlingStick ship from SlingBoard for free.

Feedback from SlingBoard users has been completely passionate.

Michelle S., from Florida, recently said, “I’ve paddle boarded and skateboarded too, but I don’t think either compare to the fun it is riding a SlingBoard. When you combine it with the SlingStick it’s also a great workout, but the best thing is you don’t feel like you are even working out – it just feels like you are having fun. I can’t recommend the SlingBoard enough, five stars!”

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