Predictive Security Company Ident Solutions Recognized as Nlets Strategic Partner

By | August 10, 2018

International Justice and Public Safety Network partnering with Ident Solutions to promote easier exchanges of information.

Farmington, UT (PRUnderground) August 10th, 2018

The International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets) has recognized predictive security software company Ident Solutions as an Nlets strategic partner. Ident Solutions makes the country a safer place by managing authorization to facilities that handle highly sensitive information for private and government entities.

Nlets deals with sensitive information, operating as a network to exchange law enforcement and public safety information. The non-profit network was created by United States law enforcement over 50 years ago and includes all Federal agencies with a justice component, selected international agencies, and several strategic partners that serve the law enforcement community. With the network, these agencies can access a wide range of information, from standard driver’s licenses and vehicle queries, to criminal history and Interpol information.

As technology continues to change and information becomes more readily available, the network’s role in information sharing continues to expand and evolve to meet the demands of agencies seeking to use the information. As its services and network grow, Nlets is committed to expanding both its capacity and reach through strategic partnerships with for-profit businesses to provide information in a way that is secure, user-friendly, and low-cost. Nlets has chosen to partner with Ident Solutions to provide support for these services.

Ident Solutions provides law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure facilities with tools and information to keep them safe. Ident Solutions’ FedCheck is a superior security system that features easy-to-use cloud-based functions, as well as facilitates clear communication between all branches of law enforcement and critical infrastructure.

“It is a great honor for Ident Solutions to be recognized by Nlets. We consider it a great privilege to support such a network that provides information services within a secure environment to the international justice and public safety communities,” said Travis Knudsen, VP of Sales at Ident Solutions.

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Ident Solutions’ FedCheck program assists critical infrastructures with security checks. FedCheck’s program was born after a 2016 Justice Department change allowing private companies to conduct complex security checks. Learn more about protecting CIF’s at

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