Neometrx Expands Distribution of Pure Detox Body Cleansing Products to Canada

By | March 18, 2017

Neometrx Expands Distribution of Pure Detox Body Cleansing Products to Canada

Neometrx, a leader in the herbal detoxification industry, is now distributing its fast-acting detox drinks and kits in Canada.

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Neometrx is a top manufacturer of body-cleansing products. The company’s Pure Detox one-hour cleansing drinks are designed to rid the body’s organs of harmful toxins, stimulate metabolism, and boost the immune system. Due to high demand from international markets, Neomtrx is expanding its distribution and is now shipping its products to Canada.

Popular Neometrx products are created from scientifically-formulated blends of potent cleansing herbs and essential vitamins. They work in tandem with the body’s natural cleansing systems to flush out harmful toxins. Neometrx offers a wide range of products for all different body types and detoxification needs.

“The demand for reputable detox products is high-not just in the U.S. but also in other countries,” said Steven Franzmann, founder of Neometrx. “Toxins and heavy metals accumulate in the body, and people want effective supplements to help them feel cleaner and healthier. We are pleased to offer the people of Canada our fast-acting, Pure Detox cleansing drinks.”

As humans battle pollution, pesticides, and industrial waste, they often experience a lack of energy, digestive troubles, weakness, bloating, and inflammation. Pure Detox supplements are designed to help with energy, weight loss, and digestion issues and also to help people achieve healthier skin.

The company’s bestseller is the 710 Premium Detox Kit -their strongest quick-acting detox product. It is one of the fastest selling cleansing supplements on the market and includes one-hour detox drinks and “Fast Flush” capsules for quickly and safely removing high levels of toxins from the body. Another favorite is the company’s Women’s Detox product, geared especially to the needs of females.

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About Pure Detox

Pure Detox is formulated for goal oriented people, on the go, that are concerned about moderate to high levels of toxic build up in their bodies. Millions of people have depended on formulations or detox drink products from the founder of Pure Detox for over 20 years. When results count, Pure Detox formulas work fast the first time.
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