Large Format Design Science Battery-powered LCD Displays Finally Cut Cord For Marketers

By | March 20, 2017

Large Format Design Science Battery-powered LCD Displays Finally Cut Cord For Marketers

Design Science’s new line of LCD displays run average of 12 Hours off safe, fully-certified rechargeable on-board batteries.

(PRUnderground) March 20th, 2017

Design Science has started shipping several lines of large format digital signage and interactive displays that operate off nothing but rechargeable batteries for full retail and trade show days.

The LCD displays – everything from tabletop sizes to large, freestanding digital posters and touchscreen kiosks – are equipped with industrial-grade, military-specification lithium ion battery modules. They are all rated for 12 continuous hours of use on one charge, including full video playback and interactive functions.

That means displays can be positioned in the best possible locations for marketing and messaging, without any worries about access to wall plugs, and without needing to run or drop unsightly extension cords. At a trade show, for example, displays can be positioned in optimal locations to run all day – without worrying about power access – and then get recharged overnight.

“We’ve put almost a decade of R&D into getting these displays to levels of performance, safety and flexibility that we know the marketplace demands,” says Chester Niziol, CEO of Design Science. “We’re specifically solving the problem of getting high impact digital communications in the optimal positions for marketers, and making those displays fully portable, so they can be repositioned on demand.”

All of the Design Science units – ranging in screen sizes from 15-inch tabletop units to standing 46-inch units  can easily be moved, with the largest units fitted with lockable wheels. Though built to industrial specifications, the display enclosures have attractive but neutral designs that look good in any setting, and can be customized using print graphics.

Units ship with internal display controllers, solid state Windows 10 PCs that can run numerous digital signage or interactive applications, and battery packages with sizes tuned to the demands of the different screen dimensions.

The batteries are all based on lithium ion technology – the same family of batteries used in technologies like high-end laptops. In this case, Design Science sourced and uses military spec batteries that are also used for things like submarine torpedoes. The batteries have all the necessary safety certifications, and are fully approved for cross border shipping.

“We put a lot of work into finding the right batteries that would not only perform, but also pose no safety risks,” says Niziol. “Lithium batteries have had some bad press lately, but that’s lithium polymer technology, which is very different from what we use. Our units can ship, hassle-free and worry-free, by most common transportation modes.”

The Design Science series includes:

·      Three interactive podium units – at 15, 23 and 32 inches – with projected capacitive touchscreens tilted at 45 degrees, in landscape mode, suitable for directories and product explainers;

·      Two standing floor models with vertical 1080P displays in portrait mode – at 42 and 46 inches – with lockable wheels that allow easy repositioning in any environment;

·      Three ultra-slim standing floor models with vertical 1080P displays in portrait mode, at 15, 23 and 32 inches. The displays are supported by a pair of open-air legs that minimize the visual footprint in environments like fashion retail;

·      Tabletop models in three sizes – 15, 23 and 32 inches – that can easily be nested with product on merchandising tables and shelves, and relocated without worrying about power or cables.

The units all support dual voltage and can be used in Europe, Asia and elsewhere by attaching simple wall plug adapters.

“We see a really good market for these displays for any marketer or business communicator who sees the value of using digital displays, but has been constrained so often by the lack of available power in the ideal locations,” says Niziol. “Sure, you can run extension cords, but they look terrible and they’re a tripping hazard. With these units, those issues go away.”

Design Science says the target markets for battery-powered display are exhibitions and AV companies that provide short-term rentals for trade shows and special events, retailers of all stripes who want the freedom to position screens wherever they’re needed, and business communications.

Battery-powered units already shipping to North American clients, as well as clients in the Middle East.

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