Inertial Elements Introduces InvenSense IMUs Based PDR Sensor for Indoor Real-time Localization

By | January 12, 2018

Shoe-based Sensor For Easy-Accurate-Affordable Positioning in GPS Denied Areas

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) January 11th, 2018

Inertial Elements introduces a new Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) sensor – The Osmium MIMU22BL – at this year’s 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. Based on InvenSense 9-axis IMU ICM-20948, The Osmium MIMU22BL is a miniaturized shoe-based motion sensing multi-IMU (MIMU) platform, making real-time indoor pedestrian positioning possible in GPS denied environment. The sensor can be easily integrated with real-time locating systems (RTLS) for indoor tracking of industrial workforce for safety, real-time localization of first responders in absence of pre-installed infrastructure etc. Besides, it also has applications in robotics, urban geo-survey, AR, gaming, gait biomechanics, wearable IoT etc.

The Osmium MIMU22BL is a smart IoT sensor node, capable of providing simplified yet information-rich data, thereby relieving application platform and developers from the compute-intensive development and tasks. This greatly simplifies data interface and makes integration of this device with rest of the localization system, effortless.

The battery operable device, with a footprint of 20x25mm, hosts a powerful microcontroller for solving complex navigation equations and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 for wireless data transmission. The device also includes on-board battery charging circuitry, power on/off switch, LED indicators for power status, battery charging etc. 

“We are pleased to announce the release of PDR sensor – The Osmium MIMU22BL – which is based on InvenSense’s 9-axis IMU ICM-20948 and offers significantly better performance in terms of tracking, power and overall user experience, as compared to its predecessor MIMU22B9. InvenSense is a world leader in MEMS sensor platforms. We have been using InvenSense 9-axis IMUs for quite some time and are greatly satisfied with their performance. Their timely support helped us in swift development and saved precious time to market.” said Amit K Gupta, CEO at Inertial Elements.

“InvenSense delivers the lowest power, smallest size, and highest performance 9-axis IMU enabling our wearable, IoT, and mobile customers to solve all their accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer related sensor applications efficiently and at a lower BOM price solution. Inertial Elements’ smart solution for indoor pedestrian localization has gained lot of appreciation from their users. We are glad that they chose our 9-axis IMU ICM-20948 for their niche wearable PDR sensor.” said David A. Almoslino, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing at InvenSense.

About InvenSense Inc:

InvenSense, Inc., a TDK Group company, is a world-leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms. InvenSense’s vision of Sensing Everything® targets the consumer electronics and industrial areas with integrated Motion and Sound solutions. InvenSense’s solutions combine MEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems) sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and microphones with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize, and calibrate the output of sensors, maximizing performance and accuracy. InvenSense’s motion tracking, audio and location platforms, and services can be found in Mobile, Wearables, Smart Home, Industrial, Automotive, and IoT products. In May of 2017, InvenSense became part of the MEMS Sensors Business Group within the newly formed Sensor Systems Business Company of TDK Corporation. InvenSense is headquartered in San Jose, California and has offices worldwide. For more information, go to and

About Inertial Elements

Inertial Elements is revolutionizing the real-time pedestrian localization with its niche multi-IMU (MIMU) based PDR sensors. The PDR sensors support open data communication protocol and are supported by APIs. The ease of integration and the simplicity of application platform requirement save significant development time and effort for its customers. The company also produces massive MIMU array modules for array signal processing and sensor fusion. The PDR sensors and the massive MIMU array modules are the result of multi-year intense research. The company is headquartered in India and has served numerous customers across 26 countries. The company has been awarded with the prestigious DST Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Award and adjudged as ”Top 10 Promising Start-Ups” in the CII Industrial Innovation Awards. For information, please visit

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