Escape To A Mystic Coffee Bar With Lattes, Psychic Readings, And Ghosts In Lost Souls Café

By | September 13, 2017

Nestled in the mountains of West Virginia sits a haunted café where friendly spirits serve spiritual healings to soul-searching patrons.

Westerville, OH (PRUnderground) September 13th, 2017

When an old abandoned haunted house is converted into a charming café, a place once feared turns out to be a home of healing. What starts as a modest little coffee shop soon becomes a gathering place for an eccentric community. Downhearted people, burdened with secrets and painful memories are drawn to the Lost Souls Café, a dwelling where two realms meet and the spiritual world and physical world are intertwined. At the cafe, the ghosts of the dead help the living to overcome grief. Sissy, the coffee house owner, tells the stories of the lost souls with compassion, humor and acceptance, while trying to overcome her own set of sorrows. In addition to being the town barista, Sissy is a single mom with three young children that is struggling to rebuild her life after being left by a cheating husband.

Despite her abandonment, Sissy sees the good in everyone and views the coffee house ghosts as spirit guides. Sissy is aided in her quest by a group of unconventional friends. Hazel, her business partner, is an elderly widow who sees helping Sissy and the kids as “her purpose.”  The two women find friendship and support from a forlorn schoolteacher, a gay dance instructor, a psychic medium and a Catholic priest. Lost Souls Café touches on religion, psychology and the paranormal and builds bridges between these different ideologies. The stories are heartwarming and contain lessons on self-love, forgiveness and hope. The connection between the living and the dead show that love is an energy that cannot be destroyed by death. Redemption is achieved by forgiveness. In the process of rebuilding her life, Sissy and her house of friendly ghosts help all the lost souls who visit her mystically enchanted café.

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