Draft Booker 2020 Launches – A Clarion Call for NJ Senator Cory Booker to Run for President

By | May 12, 2017

Senator Cory Booker is being urged to run for president in the 2020 election

Toms River, New Jersey (PRUnderground) May 12th, 2017

Draft Booker 2020; a clarion call and request urging Cory Booker; the current Senator representing New Jersey; to run for the seat of the American President in 2020 has been launched by. This clarion call is made in response to the cravings of a greater percentage of the people of United States for change after the new present administration’s firing of the FBI director and passing the AHCA.

The economic, environmental and health care challenges facing America today have pushed so many people into craving for a change. The AHCA bill passed recently was the last straw. For too long Americans have suffered under leaders who do not have their best interests at heart. There is need for a strong, educated Democrat with a progressive agenda to help America move forward, and to get this country back on track for true healthcare. That’s why Draft Booker 2020, this clarion call for Senator Cory Booker to run for the seat of the American President in 2020, is launched!

Our grassroots stance is that “It is time to unite and rebuild the Democratic Party into the respectable institution it was before. We must heal our wounds and come together to challenge the present government at every step of the administration. Cory Booker is the ideal candidate for the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential election. He has spent his life fighting for equal and just law enforcement, renewable energy, and paid family leave. He has successfully represented the people of New Jersey in Congress. Now, we are calling on him to represent all of America in this time of economical and environmental crisis”.

Dave, a supporter of Cory Booker comments, “This year’s election was a disaster, for both Democrats and Republicans alike. The next 4 years will be long and tough, as we watch Donald Trump destroy our planet, ruin our country, and threaten our future.” We have seen his cabinet choices. We have seen his disgusting behavior and his proposed agenda. We need to start doing something to ensure he leaves the office in 2020 and it is not too early to start now.  We will continue to make this clarion call. Our country needs solid sensibility and ambition, tamed by geo-political awareness. Cory Booker 2020 is the right man for the job.

To support this call visit http://www.draftbooker2020.com/ and sign our petition at https://www.change.org/p/cory-booker-help-nominate-cory-booker-for-president-in-2020/c/617662064

Follow Cory Booker’s official Facebook Page and Tweet using the hashtag #DraftBooker2020 let him know you want him to run!

About Cory Booker

Senator Cory Booker is running for President of the United States in 2020.

Press Contact

Name: N. Algorda
Phone: (973) 733-1948
Email: press@draftbooker2020.com
Website: http://www.draftbooker2020.com/

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