Defiant Souls Questions the Reality of Demons, Angels, And Supernatural Creatures

By | October 12, 2017

Has the government gone too far? Defiant Souls, by Kathleen Chadwick, will make you ask yourself if such evil could exist, given the right circumstances.

Southern, UT (PRUnderground) October 12th, 2017

The dry desert clay began cracking, as the ground shook and rumbled. A mound formed, dirt rolling down the sides, as something beneath pushed up through the ground. From the depths of hell, the creature rose, opened huge wings, threw back its oddly shaped head, and screamed into the desert night.

Suddenly, it rose, slowly spinning in the air. A funnel cloud lifted the beast off the ground, a chorus of pain and torture rising with it. Twisting and turning, the beast howled, as it transformed. The cloud lowered the creature to the ground, disappearing into silence. The creature stood in the middle of the deserted town, looking very prestigious in its new form, and smiled with pointed teeth.

He waited long and patiently for that moment in the depths of perdition, ready to conquer the pitiful creatures called human beings. Man has a damned existence on earth, lost in his arrogance, unable to fathom the consequences of his actions.

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