Data Science technologies have given positive results in the field of ridesharing – Uklon, Ukrainian carrier

By | July 11, 2018

Kyiv, Ukraine (PRUnderground) July 11th, 2018

Ukrainian peer-to-peer ridesharing service Uklon announces a significant increase in customer satisfaction and average price with Data Science technologies.

“In 2016, after the appearance of an Uber branch in Ukraine, Uklon, the largest ridesharing service in Ukraine at that time, began implementing Data Science technologies,” said Vitaliy Dyatlenko, the company’s CTO. “SMART business, a Ukrainian company implementing enterprise management systems for the Microsoft Dynamics line in Ukraine, helps us in this.”

“A distinctive feature and competitive advantage of the Uklon service is that the client can adjust the price of the trip. But this freedom sometimes baffles the client: during peak or rain hours, the price agreed by carriers may differ from the standard. To tell the user the right price, it was necessary to take into account a lot of parameters. The most important of them are two: Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and the performance of the order/refusal of the client. Users were divided into several main categories, several customer models as well as about 300 directions of their possible behavior were created. Car classes, types of trips (to the airport, outside the city and so on), time of the day were taken into account. As a result, a new client model was created and, based on it, there appeared a new algorithm for the formation of the price of the trip,” says Vitaliy Dyatlenko.

After the introduction of the new model, the car is found 18 seconds faster. If you take into account the average family, which rides a taxi about 4 times a week, the time saving is about 1 hour per year. But it’s not as important as the psychological effect: these 18 seconds can become a key when a client is deciding whether to wait or choose another service.

So far, Data Science technologies and new pricing algorithms have resulted in the Uklon client immediately agreeing to the proposed price in 75% of cases. While using the new model, the profit and the average price of the trip have increased, but the number of clients has not decreased. The next step for Uklon developers is taking into account large sports and cultural events taking place in the city: such events create a great demand for transportation in a separate area at non-standard time.


Uklon is the largest Ukrainian online car-calling service. Uklon is more than a taxi, after all, the service not only unites the passenger and the driver, but also provides courier services, transports loads and even animals around the city, provides drivers on their cars or for a client’s car and provides other transportation services.

Dmitry Dubrovskyi
Co-founder and CEO of Uklon

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