Bosworth, A New Novel from the Award-Winning Author of "The Boy Who Ran"

By | March 17, 2017

Bosworth, A New Novel from the Award-Winning Author of "The Boy Who Ran"

Bosworth: A Coming of Age Paranormal Drama, set in the fictional town of Bosworth in Orange County New York. Terror has inflicted the town for as long as any can remember

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From the back cover of BOSWORTH:

Jim and his mom moved into town and away from the city after his father was killed in an automobile accident. He struggles to deal with the loss of his dad and is still recovering from his own injuries. Bo the beagle, a long-time imaginary childhood companion, returned to Jim during his stay in the hospital—a fact his mother reluctantly accepts. Bosworth is an old town filled with Victorian era homes, but there’s more in store for him than just old houses and imaginary friends. A dark, hidden fear has been with the town for longer than most can remember.

People don’t speak about it, but Jim and his friends will soon learn that they can’t avoid it.

Bosworth is a coming of age story, a dark paranormal drama set in the small fictional town of Bosworth, in Orange County New York. The story takes place between Sept and Nov 2015. 

This book is not recommended for people under the age of 15. 

Bosworth is the fourth novel written by Michael Selden. His first npvel, a middle grade parable, called “The Boy Who Ran”, won the 2014 IPPY Gold Medal for juvenile fiction. His second novel, “The Balance”, was a story set in a dystopian post-apacalyptic future, and his third novel a science fiction story, called “I AM”, which revolves around a dark comet on a collision course with the Earth.

Michael worked as a research physicist and program manager for almost thirty years before he moved to a small mountain town in Colorado to write novels.

His planned fifth book will be a continuation of the story started in “The Balance”, with the subtitle: “The Wastelands and the Wilderness”. It is planned to be ready fror release sometime in 2018.

Excerpts form all of Michael’s books can be found on his web site:

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