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Blue Fountain Media’s Internet Privacy Poll Reveals Consumers Value Online Conveniences Over Privacy

When It Comes to Privacy: Only 4% Trust Facebook –
Only 3% Trust Search Engines –
Only 18% Trust Retail Sites

New York, NY (PRUnderground) May 18th, 2018

In light of recent data breaches coming from social media giants Facebook and Google, Blue Fountain Media, a leading digital marketing agency, conducted an online survey asking consumers, How Much Do You Value Internet Privacy? Today, the agency is releasing results showing that an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents are concerned about their online security.

Despite consumers’ concern over online security, the survey results reveal participants do very little to safeguard their information online, especially if doing so comes at the cost of convenience and time. In fact, 60 percent download apps without reading terms and conditions and close to one in five (17 percent) report that they’ll keep an app they like, even if it does breach their privacy by tracking their whereabouts.

Here are some key findings of the survey:

Survey Highlights:

  • 28 percent of those polled feel hopeless that there is anything they can do about privacy breaches on the internet.
  • Even though 81 percent of the population in the United States have a social networking profile, according to this survey, only 4 percent report trusting social media sites. Only 3 percent trust search engines for protecting personal data.
  • Almost two-thirds (60 percent) of those polled download apps without reading the terms and conditions.
  • If respondents found out their favorite app tracked their whereabouts, only 33 percent say they would delete it with more than half saying it would depend how much they need the app.
  • Only 27 percent of those polled would give up privacy for internet speed. 73 percent said privacy is more important (And yet almost 2/3 of these same people download apps without reading terms that may give up their rights to privacy!).
  • Even though consumers spend 410 billion on ecommerce, this survey reveals only 18 percent of those surveyed say they are “very confident” when it comes to trusting retails sites with their personal information. And over half (54 percent) reported feeling less secure purchasing from online retailers after reading about online breaches.
  • When it comes to being more secure online, over half revealed they clear their browser and delete cookies, but when it comes to more effective security, like signing up for a protective service, only 17 percent have done so.  16 percent report taking NO steps to protect their security at all.
  • Two-thirds (66 percent) of those surveyed were actually unaware of new regulations coming on May 25th to help protect their privacy. 23 percent reported looking forward to learning what companies know about them.

“The survey shows that while people are concerned about how privacy and their personal information are being handled on the Internet, they really don’t feel empowered to do anything about it,” said Brian Byer, Vice President Content and Commerce Practice Lead at Blue Fountain Media. “The irony is, almost two-thirds (63%) don’t think companies having their personal information leads to a better, more personalized, on-line experience at all; the chief reason companies like Facebook say they want the information in the first place.”

Starting May 25th, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect, requiring all businesses that wish to operate and serve in the EU states to be compliant. Luckily for consumers, a top priority of the GDPR is to ensure the integrity of personal date for individuals; consumers can expect that as a result, organizations connected to the personal data of individuals in the EU may have to rethink and potentially change how they gather, store and process information for business operations.

With 90 percent of those polled concerned about their online security, hopefully the upcoming regulation will help restore consumers’ lack of trust.

The survey was conducted in May 2018, polling over 1,000 18 – 44 year olds on SurveyMonkey.

About Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a Pactera Digital Company, is a New York-based digital agency specializing in growing brands online through custom website design, results-driven digital marketing and mobile application development for both B2B and B2C companies. Across all industries, spanning start-up to enterprise, Blue Fountain Media helps generate more leads and increased brand recognition through effective websites and online marketing.

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Name: Lynn Munroe
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Geezeo Makes Move to New Glastonbury Office to Accommodate Growth

Glastonbury, CT (PRUnderground) May 18th, 2018

Geezeo, a leader in Fintech and data-driven solutions for financial institutions, recently moved to a new, expanded offices at 95 Glastonbury Boulevard, Glastonbury, Connecticut to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the area’s diverse high-technology talent pool.

“The decision to expand our presence in Glastonbury was a logical step in our business strategy. We have had a number of new people join the team recently and the new office more than triples the amount of space we have,” said Peter Glyman, Geezeo’s co-Founder and President. “Additionally, we have seen a significant increase in New England clients over the past year, so our new space will accommodate large-scale client conferences,” he continued.

The new space was previously utilized by United Bank. Geezeo’s sales and client services groups are now based at the site. Situated within the Somerset Square office park, 95 Glastonbury Boulevard enjoys the advantages of a master-planned, mixed-use complex featuring a combination of local and national retailers, several hotels and numerous restaurants

In addition to this new location, the company has locations in Braintree, Massachusetts; Buffalo, New York; and Williamsburg, Virginia.

About Geezeo

Geezeo is a financial technology (Fintech) firm that delivers enriched digital banking experiences via its white label digital financial management solutions. By processing, augmenting and storing billions of transactions, Geezeo plays a significant role as a critical data partner. Purposely integrated within a financial institution’s online banking and mobile platforms, financial institutions benefit from Geezeo’s relevant insights that enhance the overall user experience. More information can be found at

About Geezeo

Geezeo is a financial technology (Fintech) firm that delivers enriched digital banking experiences via its white label digital financial management solutions. By processing, augmenting and storing billions of transactions, Geezeo plays a significant role as a critical data partner. Purposely integrated within a financial institution’s online banking and mobile platforms, financial institutions benefit from Geezeo’s relevant insights that enhance the overall user experience. More information can be found at

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Disceez Takes Off! Worx Toys Reinvents The Thing To Fling

New Disceez is the portable, flexible, graphics-emblazoned flying disc that can be played indoor or outdoor. It self-corrects to fly straighter and farther, and easier to catch more comfortably than other discs.

Toronto, ON, Canada (PRUnderground) May 18th, 2018

Worx Toys just reinvented “disc play” with eez. If you thought every flying disc was the same, think again. See and feel the new Disceez and realize how this new lightweight flexible flying disc just made a classic game of catch so much cooler and eez-ier.

Disceez (MSRP $5.99) is a soft silicone, portable flying disc that can be played indoor and outdoor. It’s specifically designed so that anyone can throw it accurately and catch it with ease due to a unique proprietary technology. Best of all they come in a variety of cool, collectible designs to match any personality and style.

“It’s the coolest thing to fling,” Gene Khasminsky, president of Worx Toys, said. “The best part about Disceez is that now anyone can play, anytime and anywhere. It’s the most versatile product we’ve ever created and it’s bringing a new level of excitement to disc play.

What makes Disceez special compared to other flying discs is that it is eez-y (like the name says). Disceez float smoothly on a current of air and self-correct from imperfect throws. It’s easier to fling Disceez straighter and farther and the soft silicone structure is more comfortable to catch than other discs. They also store neatly in your pocket that means you play with them more because they are always with you.

The unique design of Disceez (5.0″ circle x 0.5” thick) allows the discs to go long distances smoothly thanks to a proprietary thin membrane technology that allows the disc to float effortlessly, thanks to an outer ring design that carries the inertia over long distances. Disceez is unique in that it is self-stabilizing. “Even if thrown badly by younger or less experienced users, Disceez adjusts for more controlled flights,” Khasminsky said.

“We launched Disceez at the trendy Surf Expo earlier this year and the reaction from retailers was outstanding. What we didn’t expect was how quickly we would receive reorders. We are now on back order waiting for the next shipment to arrive,” Khasminsky explained. “Consumers bought multiple discs at a time. The designs have broad market appeal but it’s the performance that has people coming back for more.”

Worx immediately went into overdrive to meet the demand and expanded the line to 24 unique styles for 2018, that means that there is a Disceez to match any personal style. “Each one is like a unique work of art so we are treating them as such by producing each design in limited numbers. We will discontinue the current assortment at the end of the year and have an all new (Series 2) set of designs for 2019. The designs will always be fresh, evolving and collectible,” Khasminsky said.

“Disceez are also an easy way to get kids away from screens and engage in fun active play,” Khasminsky explained. “While developing Disceez, I witnessed how my own kids were having so much fun flinging them around the house, off walls and at each other and since they don’t hurt on impact it’s all in good fun. It’s a great activity for all ages; gets people moving; socializing; and developing hand-eye coordination. My youngest, who always struggled with coordination has quickly developed ‘cat like’ reflexes, able to catch these fast moving objects out of the air with such ease. It’s amazing to watch him develop in such a short time.”

For more information about Disceez and where to purchase, visit A special video is also available on YouTube and a separate presentation of the product here.

About Worx Toys

Disceez is latest lifestyle brand established by Worx Toys. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Worx Toys was founded in 2010 with a mission to offer children an assortment of fun, engaging products that encourage activity, social interaction and explore the common curiosities about the world around them. The company continues to expand in several toy categories with broad appeal to multiple age groups while ensuring parent confidence. Disceez joins Worx’s other well-known brands, including Bo-Po (brush-on-peel-off nail polish); Digi-Nails; Micro Fuelers; and Pillow Wars. For more information on the company, visit and interact with the company on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For Disceez specific social media: Instagram (Disceez) and YouTube (Disceez).

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Phone: 203-292-6280

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Earth Science Labs Will Discuss Cyanobacteria Control at New York Rural Water Association Meeting

Annual Meeting of New York Rural Water Association will include discussion of cyanobacteria solutions such as EarthTec for controlling cyanobacteria in aging reservoirs and lakes.

Verona, NY (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2018

The New York Rural Water Association will meet in Verona this month. The annual conference takes place as the Empire State moves aggressively to protect its drinking water sources. Last December, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a $65 million plan to combat harmful cyanobacteria blooms in the state. A bill currently under consideration by the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee would establish a program to upgrade aging water infrastructure.

The two problems are related. Many of New York’s 67 reservoirs are 50–100 years old. As reservoirs and lakes age they can become havens for cyanobacteria. Trapped nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen fuel harmful cyanobacteria blooms during the warm summer months. Controlling these blooms is important for rural water districts.

“Even blooms that do not produce cyanotoxins can cause problems,” said David Carrington, Business Manager for Earth Science Laboratories. “Water treatment plants still have to reduce compounds called geosmins. These compounds cause an unpleasant taste and odor in drinking water.”

ESL manufactures an advanced algaecide/bactericide called EarthTec® that controls cyanobacteria and geosmins. “Pretreating source water with EarthTec reduces the need for additional treatments later in the process,” said Carrington. “This can lower cyanobacteria-related costs significantly.”

ESL will send a representative to the NY Rural Water Conference to discuss EarthTec®. ESL’s Cyanobacteria Rapid Response Program uses EarthTec to control cyanobacteria and reduce chemicals that produce unpleasant taste and odor in drinking water. The no-risk program provides onsite consultation and installation services at no charge. Participants pay only for the EarthTec they use.

More information on the NY Rural Water Conference can be found at

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. manufactures EarthTec for the controlling and preventing algae and cyanobacteria. EarthTec is EPA registered and approved for use in open waters and in pipelines. It is NSF Certified to ANSI Standard 60. Visit for more information.

About Earth Science Labs

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Name: Amy Patton
Phone: 800-257-9283

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Anatoly Kozeruk has become the CEO of Holding Company GVSU Centre

GVSU Centre is a vertically integrated diversified holding company working in all stages of construction, from design to the sale of finished real estate.

Moscow, Russian Federation (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2018

Anatoly Nikolaevich Kozeruk

Position: CEO of Holding Company GVSU Centre, JSC.

Date of birth: June 10, 1966.

Education: Academy of Civil Aviation, St. Petersburg.

Languages: Russian (native); English.

Married, two children.


* From 2018 to the present:

CEO of Holding Company GVSU Centre, JSC.

* From 2013:

Member of the Board of Directors of the development company MR Group.

* From 2003 to 2013:

Advisor to the CEO on investment projects of Gazprom Invest Yug ZAO, Moscow.

* From 1991 to 2003:

CEO of the company BVT, organizing and managing the company’s development activities in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Anatoly Nikolaevich Kozeruk began his career in the sphere of aviation (Pulkovo airport).

From 1991, he was the founder of Baltiisky Vozdushny Transport ZAO (BVT) – a holding company engaged in aviation activities, wholesale deliveries, the import of food products and the export of trucks and components. In cooperation with Gazprom, BVT was engaged in product supplies to the Far North.

Anatoly Kozeruk has been actively engaged in residential and commercial real estate development since the mid-1990s within the framework of BVT. BVT’s projects include restoration and new construction in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The company’s portfolio exceeds 300,000 thousand square meters.

Under Anatoly Kozeruk’s leadership, as advisor to the CEO on investment projects of Gazprom Invest Yug, the following objects were built: Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant, Sulfur Plant in Astrakhan, and underground gas storage facilities. The company also supervised 16 gas transmission providers.

Since 2013, Anatoly Kozeruk has been a member of the Board of Directors of MR Group.

As a member of the Board of Directors of MR Group, Anatoly Kozeruk is responsible for fee development and new business development.

About the company

The joint-stock company Holding Company Glavnoye Vseregionalnoye Stroitelnoye Upravleniye Tsentr was established on May 25, 1998 by a decree of the President of the Russian Federation, on the foundation of the Main Military Construction Department of the Ministry of Defense, formed on January 27, 1964.

GVSU Centre is a vertically integrated diversified holding company working in all stages of construction, from design to the sale of finished real estate.

GVSU Centre has a modern manufacturing base for the production of residential buildings in the DOMMOS series, which are completely designed and manufactured at enterprises that are part of the holding.

GVSU Centre is one of the industry’s largest players in the Moscow region, acting as a builder, investor and general contractor in the construction of objects of any complexity. The company’s spheres of activity include the production of building materials, the design and construction of panel and monolithic housing, technical and industrial enterprises, and social infrastructure such as polyclinics, schools and kindergartens.

About Holding Company GVSU Centre

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Phone: +7 (495) 544-50-90

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The Estridge Group Listed as Best Agent in the July Issue of Washingtonian

The Estridge Group, one of the top real estate agencies in the Washington, D.C. area, was recently added to the 2018 “Top Agents” list featured in Washingtonian.

Washington D.C. (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2018

The Estridge Group, one of the Washington, D.C. area’s top real estate agencies, was recently notified that it would be listed as a Best Agent in the July 2018 issue of Washingtonian. This distinguished publication recognizes the best in real estate annually, and the Estridge Group is proud to be on that list.

Washingtonian was founded by Laughlin Phillips and Robert J. Myers in 1965, and it is locally known as “The Magazine Washington Lives By.” Some 400,000 people read the magazine and visit its website each month, and it is lauded as one of the top sources if information regarding D.C. area businesses, professionals, and places. Each month, the family-owned publication provides information to D.C. natives, visitors, and those relocating to the area.

The Estridge Group’s addition to the Best Agents list in the July 2018 issue is a tremendous accomplishment. Representatives from the real estate agency will attend a reception on July 18 to celebrate the honor. The Best Agents list focuses solely on an agent or agency’s customer service, and those that make the list did so thanks to consumer surveys and peer votes. Washingtonian surveyed some 30,000 of its subscribers and the 1000 agents on the Best Agents and Top Producers list from 2017 based on a variety of criteria, spoke with dozens of professionals in the real estate industry, and did its own research in order to create the Top Agents list for 2018.

The Estridge Group was voted one of the top 100 agents in the D.C. metro area for both 2015 and 2016. Led by Melinda Estridge and a hand-selected team of real estate professionals who each brings his or her own knowledge and experience, the Estridge Group’s awareness of the local market and ability to help consumers buy and sell homes continues to make them one of the area’s favorites. They are experts in real estate in many areas, including the D.C. metro, Montgomery County, Northern Virginia, and more.

The Estridge Group provides resources for potential buyers and sellers on its website designed to help them make better decisions about not only buying or selling homes, but their entire financial futures. They offer a financial readiness and mortgage calculator, a buyer’s guide, and even relocation tips to help make the transition into the Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area a smooth one.

About the Company: The Estridge Group is a renowned real estate agency serving Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas. With decades of collective experience in everything from finance to real estate, the team provides a personalized experience for buyers and sellers alike. They offer exceptional care, financial advice, and even help for those relocating to the area from other parts of the country. Numerous awards solidify the Estridge Group as one of the top agencies in the area. For more information please visit

About The Estridge Group

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Name: Melinda Estridge
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Phoenix Natural Life Releases Herbal Matrix Full Spectrum CBD Cream

Legal CBD has been praised for its use of its many possible benefits. Finding a quality source has become much more simple with the release of Herbal Matrix.

New York City, NY (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2018

Finding more natural and non-addictive ways to try to fight pain is a driving force in many people’s lives. In recent years many expert have been pointing towards, federally legal, non-psychoactive CBD as having great potential, for many, in this area. Stepping up to offer a high-quality CBD option is US-based company Phoenix Natural Life who recently announced the release of Herbal Matrix, a transdermal full-spectrum CBD cream, rather than the normally available oil, which is aimed at use by people like sore athletes, those with injuries, to the elderly. Natural, legal, and non-addictive the launch of Herbal Matrix has been met with enthusiasm.

“Our team has advocated for years in healthcare on behalf of those suffering from debilitating illnesses,” commented Tammy Steadman, co-founder Phoenix Natural Life. “We have worked very hard to create a top-quality 500mg cream that uses the full spectrum of CBD, for the best possible results. This is a revolutionary transdermal that can be made available for those who need the help. Many testimonials are confirming its effectiveness.”

According to the company, Herbal Matrix has been credited with delivering significant relief for ailments related to body pain. Herbal Matrix contains no THC, so does not get users “high” or cause issues with potential addiction.

Early reviews of Phoenix Natural Life Herbal Matrix have been very positive across the board.

Michael S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “I had very bad knee pain until using Herbal Matrix CBD Cream. Now I’m playing football and practicing MMA again. Fully recommended!”

For more information be sure to visit

About Phoenix Natural Life

The journey began with a group of healthcare professionals who had the desire was to help others in pain and provide an alternative to often dangerous chemical solutions. Our desire to help others with a safe trans-dermal method of CBD delivery has been met with the launch of Herbal Matrix. This is not just a product, it is a revolution.

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Name: James Colligan
Phone: 888 436 2156

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Sigma Tax Pro Advises Tax Pros To Use The Withholding Calculator During Client Tax Reviews To Avoid Unforeseen Tax Consequences

Sigma Tax Pro advises professional tax preparers to use the Withholding Calculator this year during tax reviews to further protect their clients from unforeseen tax consequences as they may be affected by changes from the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Delray Beach, FL (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2018

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will affect tax returns that taxpayers will file in 2019.  This new law is responsible for several significant changes, including the exclusion of deductions for employee business expenses, investment expenses, investment management fees, and tax prep fees.  The new law also limits deductions for state and local taxes as well as home mortgage interest deductions in specific situations.

It is important that professional tax preparers recommend that their clients review their paycheck withholding amounts as soon as possible so that they can adjust if necessary, giving more time for the withholding to spread out evenly throughout the year.  Mitch Elbarki of Sigma Tax Pro gives fair warning, “…if taxpayers procrastinate in reviewing their paychecks with a professional to make needed adjustments, then fewer pay periods will be left to make any changes, resulting in a much more serious outcome with every unadjusted paycheck, leading to a potentially a larger tax bill or penalty by tax time in 2019.”

The Withholding Calculator, available on the IRS website, is the tool for the job.  Using this calculator, tax professionals should urge their clients to collect their most recent pay stubs and most recent income tax return (Form 1040) to begin the review.  Tax professionals should also advise their clients that if any other changes to their financial circumstances occur during the year, they need to contact them to assure the withholding amounts are still appropriate.

About Sigma Tax Pro

Sigma Tax Pro is dedicated to providing professional tax preparation software solutions at the lowest prices available. Our mission is to enable tax preparers to maximize their revenue and increase client satisfaction. We understand our client’s needs and aim to provide premium customer service and committed tax preparation support. Our software products are powered by the leading developers of tax preparation software. The volume discounts we qualify for enable us to provide these software products at considerably lower prices than the industry standard. We then pass these savings on to our clients and offer numerous incentives and rebates that can take their tax preparation business to new levels. Sigma Tax Pro knows tax preparation and we power tax professionals.

Press Contact

Name: Mitch Elbarki
Phone: 5614506422

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Parkland Charity Car Auction for Make Our Schools Safe and Alyssa Alhadeff

Parkland, FL (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2018

Make Schools Safe Inc. (, a national non-profit organization, announces an online car auction of a 1990 Porsche 944S2 in Parkland, Florida. This event is in memory of Alyssa Alhadeff and the 16 other victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting tragedy. The online auction will begin accepting bids on Sunday, May 20, 2018 and will end on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

The auction supports Make Schools Safe‘s mission of protecting students and teachers at school.  Make Schools Safe was founded by Lori and Ilan Alhadeff, who lost their beautiful 14-year old daughter, Alyssa, to the brutal shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Make Schools Safe will use auction proceeds and donations to introduce new safety measures at schools beginning in South Florida and spreading nationwide.  One such safety measure is to establish “Safe Zones.”  Safe Zones are a defined mustering area where students and faculty are trained to immediately retreat to in an emergency situation, like an active shooter. These safe zones are hardened and equipped with “Stop the Bleed Kits.”  The location of Safe Zones will be part of every student, faculty, and staff’s safety orientation and part of the regular safety training conducted throughout the school year.  School students, faculty, and staff will be trained on how to use “Stop the Bleed Kits” to treat the injured in a lockdown situation.  The establishment of Safe Zones or mustering areas is a common and proven practice used to maintain safety in corporate offices, factories, government buildings, and embassy’s.  “If Alyssa was empowered with knowing where a safe zone was, she would have run there.  Schools need safe zones now!  This auction can help us with that goal.” said Lori Alhadeff.

A classic Porsche 944 was generously donated by the Johnson family, next door neighbors to the Alhadeff family. 100% of the car auction proceeds will support The Foundation’s mission to make schools safer for all, especially the students attending school.

Please visit or email for more information this event.

About Make Schools Safe Inc.

Make Schools Safe is a national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting students and teachers at school. Our mission is to improve the safety of schools, research and test best practices, as well as implement those protocols by creating model schools, beginning in South Florida and spreading nationwide.

Press Contact

Name: Matthew Johnson
Phone: 1-888-906-2838

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The New Online Video Platform Is Here

StreamingVideoProvider launched today a new version of its online video platform, used by customers around the world that rely on the company’s cloud solutions to successfully publish, protect, monetize high-quality video experiences to audiences everywhere, on any device.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2018

StreamingVideoProvider launched today a new version of its online video platform, used by customers around the world that rely on the company’s cloud solutions to successfully publish, protect, monetize high-quality video experiences to audiences everywhere, on any device.

“It took us nearly 3 years of development but the end result it astonishing. Our new video platform is so superb that immediately puts us in front of our competitors, with its new video management panel, core video streaming APIs, speed and simplicity”. We built the new platform not just for SMBs, but also to suit large corporations, looking to manage tens of thousands of media assets, in a fast, secure and simple way“ said Deyan Shkodrov, CEO of StreamingVideoProvider.

Some of the highlights of the new video platform:

  • Faster, Simpler and Intuitive: All media, settings and publishing tools accessible in one place.

  • Playlists and Playlist Folders: Users can organize their media assets into playlists and folders for easy management and publishing.

  • Quick Publishing: With just one click, users can instantly embed or share their media and playlists, via private shareable link, Facebook, Twitter or email.

  • Pay-Per-View: With the new option “Simple PPV” users can set a sales price for their individual videos and ppv live streams and start selling them online. Advanced options are also available for those looking to sell, rent or offer subscriptions to single and groups of videos.

  • Password Protections: The new option “Simple Password” allows users to password protect their individual videos using custom passwords. Advanced options allow them to control, manage and analyze each of their viewers behaviour (E.g. customers, employees, departments).

  • Analytics: Analyze viewer’s behaviours and data related to all or individual media.

  • Asset Management: Most settings are now hierarchically organized as Global, Playlist and Individual media settings. This way users can quickly change settings at higher level and apply them to all items lower in the hierarchy. Making it easy for large numbers of media assets to be managed and processes simply.

  • Video Ads & Banners: As an addition to Pay-Per-View, users can now run and earn money with pre, mid and post roll adverts on their videos.

  • New Help Center: Brand new super sleek Help Center to help users to reach their goal faster.

  • New Live Chat: Human and AI powered support across the website, management panel and help center.

For more information, please visit the new streaming video platform

About StreamingVideoProvider

StreamingVideoProvider is the most complete and affordable online video platform that offers full suite of products and services that reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, protection, delivery, measuring and monetizing video across devices.

The video platform is used by thousands of customers around the world, as well as is being offered to partners as white-label solution, so they can quickly and cost effectively become streaming video service providers themselves and offer video hosting and streaming video solutions to their existing and new customer base.

Founded in 2006, StreamingVideoProvider currently hosts over 560,000 videos and streams over 50,000,000 minutes of live and VoD footage per year. It’s a privately held, profitable company with a head office located in London, United Kingdom. The company also has offices in Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Press Contact

Name: Rainer Schossig
Phone: 18775973836

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