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Planet TechEd is announces new feature for Mythware Language Lab Management Software focused on Language teaching

Planet TechEd is proud to announce a new feature for Mythware Language Lab Management Software called “Simultaneous interpretation”

Washington (PRUnderground) March 19th, 2018

Educational technology has been evolving over the last decade. Most educational institutions have tried to involve technology as a useful tool for language teaching in order to be able to provide an up to date classroom. The main problem is that most language teaching solutions provided in the actual market do not provide the right features and tools in order to allow the teacher to have an interactive yet controlled classroom.

The Planet TechEd team has recently released this new Language learning tool in order to provide a language lab management solution that allows the teacher to use the best technology as an educational tool and provide a successful classroom. Every feature on Mythware Language Lab Management Software is designed for language teaching.  Every educator deserves to have an educational tool that helps them make the learning process easier and more comfortable for every student.

Features like Simultaneous interpretation, voice broadcast, voice chat, quiz, etc. are provided and this educational software helps the teacher have a quick and easy way to assess the students progress during the lecture, this way, the teacher can focus on improving specific aspects on specific students. Mythware Language Lab Management Software provides all the features needed to provide a collaborative and interactive classroom.  

Planet TechEd In. is an educational company that makes sure to provide the best educational management solutions for the best price. Mythware Language Lab Management Software is the best language learning tool in the market and is accessible for every educator looking to improve their lab and allow the students of all ages to have the best tools in order to be able to learn a completely new language.

The CEO of Planet TechEd inc. Lyle Patel makes sure to always be able to provide the best educational solutions for every educator to have access to. “Making sure educators have the right tools is the first step to improve education everywhere” – says Lyle Patel. With the right features and focusing on the what is needed to teach a new language, Mythware Language Lab Management Software is a complete language teaching solutions available.

About Planet TechEd Inc.

Planet TechEd was founded by a band of IT experts that realize that technology is a guiding force of education. We believe that institutions should embrace the best technologies available for the betterment of their schools and most importantly their students.

Planet TechEd source the best of the breed technologies that can also be procured at the best value for educational institutions throughout North America.

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Name: Sue Brandt
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Launch of The Tapestry Condo at Tampines

Singapore (PRUnderground) March 18th, 2018

The Tapestry Condo Tampines Singapore by CDL

The Tapestry Condo Tampines Avenue 10 (Parcel C) in Singapore is a brand new residential development that is all set to be launched by City Developments Limited. The new property is targeted at people who like to invest in an upcoming residential development which can yield them very good returns in the next ten years and is also strategically located with access to schools, hospitals etc. for raising a family at present.

On speaking about the location of the project, a prominent realtor Trisha Conn said “Infrastructure and ease of access play a vital role in the purchase of a residential development. Tampines has an excellent infrastructure. The area has very good shopping malls, restaurants and is well connected by expressways such as the Pan- Island Expressway and Tampines Expressway. The area also has very good public transportation facilities. Hence undoubtedly the new condos by CDL will be in great demand.”

“People do not like to travel long distances to work or get stuck in traffic jams. They like to live in a serene atmosphere which has access to good educational institutions and other communal facilities. Tapestry Condo fits the picture perfectly. This new residential complex by CDL has been developed taking all these parameters and future infrastructure development plans of Government into account “, says a spokesperson associated with City Developments Limited. Tapestry Condo is located very close to some of the prominent shopping malls like Tampines Mall; Century Square and Tampines 1.The region also has 12 primary schools and 9 secondary schools in its vicinity.

Tapestry Condos is also situated close to major parks like the Sunplaza Park and the Tampines Eco Green park. Apart from these two large parks, the area also has many community parks like Tampines North Park, Tampines Leisure Park, Tampines Central Park, Tampines Park, Festival Park, Tampines Green and Tampines Tree Garden. The area thus has no dearth of natural places.”The project is well suited for families with kids as it has good educational institutions, natural places and retail outlets.” adds Trisha from

About the Developer

City Developments Limited is a Singapore based real estate company. The company started with humble beginnings and has now emerged as a prominent player in the real estate sector with its presence in 26 countries across the world. It is also one of Singapore’s largest companies in terms of market capitalisation.

To enjoy the early privileges for The Tapestry showflat and receive the most updated information, the realtor has issued circular to start registering today itself!

About The Tapestry Condo

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Phone: +6562710098
Website: +6562710098

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Sylvan Learning partnered with Miss Massachusetts Teen USA for “Read Across America Day”

Sylvan Learning of Salem, NH knows that reading is a vital skill important in developing the mind and imagination

METHUEN, Mass. (PRUnderground) March 18th, 2018

Sylvan Learning partnered with Miss Massachusetts Teen USA — Lexi Woloshchuk on March 2, 2018, for “Read Across America Day”; at the St. Monica’s school in Methuen, MA in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Lexi read Dr. Seuss’ books to the Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students, She also discussed Dr. Seuss’ contributions to literature and in this way fostered a love of reading by interacting with the students of St. Monica’s.

Sylvan Learning of Salem, NH knows that reading is a vital skill important in developing the mind and imagination.

Sylvan offers a wide range of services including: personalized tutoring, academic coaching, and college test prep programs. Sylvan’s teachers can help your child fulfill their academic potential with personalized programs tailored to your child’s needs and skill level.

Contact them today to help your child feel more confident in their abilities!

A complete Sylvan catalog is available on their website at:

About Sylvan Learning of Salem, NH

Sylvan offers a wide range of services including: personalized tutoring, academic coaching, and college test prep programs. Sylvan’s teachers can help your child fulfill their academic potential with personalized programs tailored to your child’s needs and skill level.

Press Contact

Name: Shannon O’Connell, Center Director
Phone: (603) 262-1466

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Yalla Pickup transforms the transportation business in the UAE through its digital platform

The Yalla Pickup app allows a smartphone – Android or iOS or web user to transport large-sized valuable goods by booking the nearest truck from the convenience of office or home.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRUnderground) March 18th, 2018

Yalla Pickup, the UAE-based mobile application, and web-based logistics services company, has launched the next phase of its mobile application, which will be targeted towards commercial requirements. Yalla Pickup has launched this service in partnership with The Box Self Storage Services, a provider of self-storage, mini-warehousing and moving services with over 10 years’ experience in the UAE.

Catering to both businesses and individual customers, Yalla Pickup allows a smartphone –  Android or iOS or web user to transport large-sized valuable goods by booking the nearest truck from the convenience of office or home.

Yalla Pickup has now launched the next phase of its already successful app to bring unparalleled moving and transport solutions to businesses in three distinct categories – last mile delivery, delivery management system and survey management system.

Speaking about the new services, Elie El Tom, Founder, and CEO of Yalla Pickup, said, “Our strategic alliance with The Box has added another feather to our cap as a unique startup. From offering services to moving companies, individuals and businesses we are now expanding towards delivery management, on spot delivery and survey management. This will not only give us an edge but propel us as a one-stop solution for individual and commercial goods transportation in the UAE. Through our services, we hope to build a fast and secure goods transportation system that not only provides timely service but also a seamless experience”.

“Being an app-based system, the convenience is unparalleled. By creating an account on our app, our customers can easily hire required services. We have often seen managing a fleet as being extremely tedious and expensive for our clients and we hope to provide ease through our new services. Our aim is to increase our fleet to 500 pickup trucks across the UAE by the end of 2018

and sign up 300 businesses this year. We have seen a month on month revenue increase of 40 percent since our launch in 2016,” El Tom added.

Commenting about the services and partnership Wadih Haddad, Founder & CEO of The Box, said, “We have been associated with Yalla Pickup for nearly a year and are excited for the launch of the second phase of their app. It caters particularly to the commercial sector and will appeal to the digital needs of any business that requires transportation. The vision with which Yalla Pickup began and has grown is truly commendable and we are happy to be a part of their success story. Having a pickup and delivery service at the tip of our fingers is quite unique in this part of the region and Yalla Pickup has broken that barrier. As a storage and transportation company, we understand the need for such services and have seen a growing need for convenient transportation in the market. It gives us immense pleasure to be in this with Yalla Pickup.”

Last mile delivery is effectively tailored for businesses that require transportation services but do not own a fleet. The service caters to requirements that are current and immediate. Particularly benefitting stores or online shopping portals that provide heavy products or items like furniture that need to be transported to a customer’s home. A business like this does not require a full-fledged fleet system on a regular basis and instead of increasing the operational cost by adding vehicles to the company’s inventory, Yalla Pickup’s last mile delivery system provides the ease of booking transport for service fulfillment without the hassle of owning a transport vehicle for delivery purpose.

The delivery management system is tailored for businesses that have their own fleet and for those that outsource their fleet to other vendors. The system allows businesses to have full visibility of their existing and or hired fleet; allowing companies to assign tasks to the drivers via the web portal and monitor the activities of the drivers that are on duty, understand who has accepted the job, when was the job started, loading, arrival and offloading time. The fleet management system saves time and hassle of resource management for organizations that own large or small fleets.

Survey management system allows moving companies to have full visibility on their surveyors. The moving companies can assign a survey to a nearby surveyor and monitor arrival time of the surveyor via the web portal to ensure that the surveyor has reached the site at the client’s selected time.

Yalla Pickup currently has services in the UAE only with plans to expand into KSA, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain between 2019 and 2021. The Box operates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut currently.


About Yalla Pickup:

Yalla Pickup is a convenient transportation, moving and delivery management organization that currently operates in the UAE. Yalla Pickup provides superior value and premium services, tailor-made to meet the needs of the individual, family or company. Yalla Pickup’s depth of experience and knowledge has given us the capability to set a distinctive standard for service delivery in the industry.

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Be Unique Group, an SEO Specialist Company in Dubai

About Yalla Pickup

We take the time to understand each of our client’s specific needs and pride ourselves on providing an outstanding pickup service. We are committed to simplifying people’s lives through smart transportation solutions. Our service is meticulous and trustworthy from beginning to end. We offer timely pickups, cater to furniture delivery, local deliveries and business moving as well. We realize you want shifting services devoid of stress and anxiety, while at the same time making it cost effective. We are happy to offer both.

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Name: Yalla Pickup
Phone: +971 55 649 9913

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LA Attic Insulation Company Launches New Website

Los Angeles-based attic services and insulation contractor “Attic Insulation Labs” has recently launched its new website.

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) March 16th, 2018

Attic Insulation Labs’ new website sees them upping their game in terms of web design, using a modern and responsive website that will undoubtedly appeal to the contemporary online audience.

As well as a list of the company’s many attic cleaning, attic restoration, attic insulation and insulation removal services, the site features in-depth blogs and helpful articles that aim to educate their customers (and potential customers) on some of the most common problems plaguing their attics, crawl spaces, and ventilation systems.  Whether you’ve got a problem with rodents, leaky air ducts, or ineffective attic insulation, you can bet that Attic Insulation Labs’ new website probably has a blog offering you advice on it.

The LA-based attic insulation company also features flashy graphics and videos on their new website, further establishing themselves as one of the key players in the Los Angeles attic cleaning and insulation market. The company has sought to make their UX as intuitive and aesthetically pleasing as possible; this is something that many customers are sure to appreciate! The company claims to know that modern online customers expect a company’s website to be intuitive and concise, often taking their business elsewhere if a local business’s website is confusing, poor, or non-existent.

Attic Insulation Labs is a fully licensed attic insulation and cleaning specialist company which has been operating in the LA area for a number of years now, growing a noticeable local reputation for their insulation removal and attic cleaning services. The insulation contractor claims that its team members “come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems in residential construction – extreme hot and cold indoor temperatures.” They go on to say that they “truly believe in the transformative power of a well-insulated and a properly ventilated home.” 

The company offers a plethora of services to LA residents, including attic cleaning, attic restoration, and attic insulation. The company has expanded its services over recent years, claiming that this diversification has helped them to increase their business and better serve their customers with additional services. One thing the company seems to be passionate about is its devotion to energy efficiency, frequently mentioning their ability to make their customers’ attics more energy efficient, saving them money on energy bills while simultaneously helping them to do their bit for the environment.

The company also performs additional services such as insulation removal and rodent proofing. Rodents are a problem that affects attics and crawlspaces all over the country, with pests being able to easily gnaw through wooden supports and spread disease throughout otherwise healthy homes. Attic Insulation Labs has a specialist service that aims to exterminate pests and prevent them from ever returning again.

Attic Insulation Labs has a been a big name on the LA attic insulation scene for some time now, and it appears that it will stay that way. Their new website shows the company’s dedication to remaining current and discoverable in the internet age, something which will surely set them apart from many of their competitors.


About Attic Insulation LABS

The Attic Insulation Labs team has unmatched customer service and attic experience.

Pooling years of knowledge and expertise together in order to provide you with the best service possible. Our team is friendly and helpful, explaining any jargon to you in a concise and understandable manner. It is important to work with a team that has a good reputation in your local community; Attic Insulation Labs is known for its affordability, professionalism, and world-class customer service in the greater Los Angeles area.

We have earned a reputation as one of the top attic cleaning and insulation replacement services in greater Los Angeles, continually furthering our stellar reputation and customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with attic services that are tailored to them, allowing them to improve their attics & crawl spaces in no time! When you employ an insulation contractor, you should be confident that they have the tools and expertise necessary to get the job done. Whether it’s air duct repair or rodent control, Attic Insulation Labs provides you with the professional attic services you requir

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Winter Music Conference 2018: Stay at Beacon South Beach Hotel

Winter Music Conference 2018 features a mix of events and parties that celebrate great music and people…..rooms available at the Beacon South Beach Hotel

Miami Beach, Florida, USA (PRUnderground) March 16th, 2018

Winter Music Conference 2018

Electronic music fans all over the country are getting excited about this year’s Winter Music Conference. Held in Miami Beach, the Winter Music Conference 2018 will feature a mix of events and parties that celebrate great music and people. Now is an ideal time to book your Ocean Drive hotel stay for great savings for Miami Music Week. We have rooms available at the Beacon Hotel South Beach and would love to welcome you to Miami!

Keep reading to see why the Beacon Hotel is THE place to stay for the upcoming conference:

Be Near all the Best Events

The WMC 2018 is all about celebrating the best in electronic music. With so many great events to choose from, along with access to a big live music selection, you’ll want to have accommodations nearby. The Beacon Hotel is in the heart of South Beach Miami and is close to all the action. Our ocean-front hotel is also only moments away from many great bars, eateries and nightlife. This makes your conference experience stress-free.

Get More Value for Your Money

We understand that when you go to an event or head out on a trip, you want to stretch your money as much as possible. Because of this, we love giving all our guests extra perks for no additional fee. You’ll enjoy our daily free breakfast, free beach towels and chairs, and free premium Wi-Fi. These are just some of the extra amenities included at our South Beach hotel.

Take in Beachside Views

Additionally, many Miami visitors love our boutique hotel because of the easy beach access. Staying at the Beacon Hotel puts you right across from the beach; you couldn’t get any closer than that! We even have art deco hotel rooms with beach views, too—so you don’t even have to leave your room. If you’ve been dreaming of a beachside getaway, this is it! Due to all these fantastic reasons, Winter Music Conference attendees are readily booking a stay with us. Still planning for the Winter Music Conference? Tickets and passes are available for purchase. Parking and transportation are easy, too. Ready to book the perfect Miami Beach hotel for your Winter Music Conference 2018 experience? Book direct with us to save even more.

About Beacon Hotel

The Beacon Hotel is a gem among boutique South Beach hotels in Miami. Besides its premium location right in the center of Ocean Drive, and beautifully remodeled rooms and lobby, the Beacon gives you South Beach how it is meant to be experienced. Here, you have direct access to seven miles of sand and surf, unrivaled nightlife, premier shopping and dining. Enjoy infinite views of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and historical sherbet-colored Art Deco architecture on the other. Be it honeymoon, anniversary or a romantic beach getaway, this historical oceanfront boutique hotel is a haven for a perfect romantic vacation. Beacon Hotel offers complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary beach towels and beach chairs in the room.

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Top 5 Pure CBD Oil Products Get Updated Reviews And Ratings For 2018 on CBDReporter

New Brunswick, NJ (PRUnderground) March 16th, 2018

The top 5 pure CBD oil products have received updated reviews for early 2018 on CBDReporter, a popular destination for CBD product profiles and reviews, see here

CBD oil products are extremely popular and various company brands have reported strong sales growth over the past few years. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of many compounds contained within both industrial hemp and cannabis. Most CBD products available in the United States are derived from industrial hemp. CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect. The compound in cannabis that produces a psychoactive effect is called THC. The cannabidiol market got a big boost a few years ago when a popular medical correspondent on CNN did a special report on the substance.

CBDReporter is not a store and does not sell products. However, the site functions as a sort of information clearing house for a number of product brands in the CBD space. The site offers visitors both Product Brand Profile Pages, as well as some reviews for many of the better-known CBD brands as well as some emerging companies. Companies interested in setting up a product profile page in the CBD Oil Information Marketplace can inquire via the contact page on CBDReporter.

Some of the current CBD brands reviewed or spotlighted on CBDReporter include the following well known brands; CBDPet, Receptra Naturals, Charlottes Web CBD, Herts Hemp, Endoca Hemp Oil, CBD Essence, Irie CBD, HempMeds RSHO Real Scientific Hemp Oil, VitaCBD, NuLeaf Naturals, Elixinol, Kannaway Pure, Sensi Seeds, Bluebird Botanicals, Rick Simpson Oil, Restorative Botanicals, CBD Pure, and more with new reviews being added monthly.

CBDReporter also now offers a domain name reseller marketplace for domain names related to hemp oil, CBD oil and related niches. There are high end domains listed such as,,,,,,, and a number of others. Interested domain name holders can contact CBDReporter through the contact page to list domain names for resale. is not a store and does not sell products. features product profiles, ratings and reviews of popular pure CBD products.

About is a media company based in New Brunswick, NJ, that operates a CBD Product Information Portal.

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Best Bracket Contest at Bryan Honda Offers Huge March Madness Give Away

Winner will receive their choice of $40,000 or two brand new Honda vehicles

Fayetteville, NC (PRUnderground) March 16th, 2018

Bryan Honda in Fayetteville is giving a brand new meaning to March Madness with the announcement of their latest – and biggest – giveaway.

The Best Bracket Contest is now officially underway, and the exciting new contest is giving entrants the opportunity to win their choice of $40,000 in cash or two brand new 2018 Honda vehicles.

According to the team at Bryan Honda, this is their biggest giveaway yet. So far, the Fayetteville Honda dealership has given away more than $30,000 in free car payments and a Honda Fit through previous incentives and giveaways. With the Best Bracket Contest, entrants get to have a taste of March Madness that could leave them with cold hard cash or two brand new vehicles.

The contest is open for entry beginning March 15, 2018, and the entry period is slated to end on March 23, 2018. Starting on March 15, 2018, anyone who takes a test drive in any new or pre-owned vehicle at Bryan Honda is eligible to enter.

The Best Bracket Contest will go into full swing when the 2018 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament Sweet 16 team matchups are announced on March 20, 2018. When the NCAA tournament is live, contestants will submit their predictions of the Elite 8 teams, the Final 4 teams, championship matchup, the final score of the championship game, and the championship team of the NCAA tournament. These entries will be accepted up until March 23, 2018.

There’s no purchase necessary, and to enter, all entrants should do is schedule a 15 minute test drive to try out a Honda pre-owned or new vehicle. To schedule, entrants can contact Bryan Honda by calling, stopping by the dealership, or visiting

“For March Madness fans, the chance to win two new Hondas or a lump sum of cash sweetens the pot,” said Tim Roussell, aka “Mr. Big Volume”, Bryan Honda General Manager.

According to Roussell, the Best Bracket Contest is an unprecedented giveaway.

Bryan Honda invites anyone interested in a new or pre-owned Honda for a test drive. The dealership, which is the oldest Honda dealership in North Carolina, offers a number of incentives, promotions, and financing options to help drivers get into the vehicle they want. More information is available at

About Bryan Honda

Bryan Honda is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and proudly serves the surrounding area with a strong commitment to customer service in every aspect of the car buying process. Bryan Honda offers a wide selection of vehicles and a knowledgeable team who strive to deliver a seamless, hassle-free experience to everyone who walks onto the lot.

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MIPARO, the Real Estate Portal You Never Heard of Hits 100K Listings

In 6-months MIPARO is the Leading Platform in Bangladesh and #2 in the Philippines

Uppsala, Sweden (PRUnderground) March 16th, 2018

MIPARO, a residential real estate home listing portal for emerging markets, announced today that they have 100,000 listings six months after their launch.  MIPARO has become the number one online real estate listing portal in Bangladesh and number two in the Philippines.

“This is quite a benchmark for us. When we started, we had 5,000 listings. Now we are adding over 10,000 a month,” said Michael Westoo, the founder and CEO of MIPARO. “I don’t think any startup real estate listing portal was able to get over 100,000 listings in such a short period of time.” Westloo noted further.

MIPARO is aggressively expanding in emerging markets. To date, they have a presence in

74 countries but have fully staffed operations in fewer than six. That is about to change. MIPARO will be launching a crowdfunding campaign with FundedByMe, a leading European crowdfunding company. They hope to raise $500,000. These funds will be added to the recent investment from Milky Way Cap, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Sweden.

All that’s holding us back at the moment is capital to expand. Fortunately, money goes a lot further in emerging markets. What might take an American listing website millions to achieve, we can do with much less,” Westoo said.

MIPARO’s strategy for emerging markets

MIPARO’s strategy is to leverage trends in emerging market where property search behavior is mirroring that of the U.S. and Europe. In these developed markets, over 90% of all home buyers start their search on the Internet. Furthermore, only two or three listing portals dominate home search.

In emerging markets however, online listings are scattered among dozens of broker websites and portals. Some countries have 50 individual home listing platforms.  As a consequence, it is difficult, if not impossible, for local and international buyers to find a single platform which features a country’s entire inventory of homes for sale. Language is also a barrier for international buyers.

MIPARO is positioning itself to be one of a handful of platforms that will remain after emerging markets consolidate. Their strategy is to provide buyers with an easy to use platform that features a large number of listings showcased in the language of the buyer. This will allow MIPARO to provide a large number of leads to their broker clients.

According to Santiago Demiere, the head of lead generation at MIPARO, “Our platform is one of the best in emerging markets and this attracts a large number of buyers to our website. With the ever growing number of buyers coming to MIPARO, we are able to pass a great number of leads on to our clients”.

About Miparo

Founded in 2016 in Sweden, MIPARO provides real estate agents and brokers in developing markets with a global platform to showcase their client’s homes, providing unparalleled international exposure. Home buyers can easily find properties in the respective markets because MIPARO consolidates many of them on a single platform.

As done in Europe, MIPARO charges agents a small fee to post their properties on their platform. North American listing portals don’t charge agents to post their listings; instead they charge individual agents to advertise their services.

Listings are then easily uploaded to MIPARO’s website for millions of international and local home buyers to see. All listings are translated into the target audience’s own language for no extra charge.

MIPARO will mediate conversations between buyers and sellers if they don’t speak the same language. Importantly, MIPARO requires a rigorous two-step verification process to make sure listings are real so buyers don’t fall victim to thieves and scam artists who populate many home search platforms abroad.

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Name: Jeffrey Mindham
Phone: 7329967944

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Trump, Putin Duke it Out in ‘Blood of Patriots’ by 12 to 6 Studios, LLC

Inspired by ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Street Fighter,’ this new game pits your favorite politicians against one another for an all-out brawl on White House grounds.

San Fernando Valley, CA (PRUnderground) March 15th, 2018

Josh and Matt Axelman will be the first to admit that they are both hardcore political news junkies. From reading Donald Trump’s never-ending Twitter rants about the “fake media” or the continual saga involving Hillary Clinton’s controversial emails, the two brothers can’t help but stay glued to the real-life soap opera that has become American politics.

“We both read a lot and have a constant stream of cable news in the background,” stated Josh. “We have always been interested in the political process.”

So much so, that the brothers, who both grew up in the San Fernando Valley, released their very first political DVD in 2008 titled Presidential Debates Gone Wild. It featured a compilation of the best moments from presidential debates as far back as the 1960s. For the two brothers, that project, however, was only the beginning.

“After the debates of 2016, we knew it was time to finally build a game,” stated Josh. “People are now far more engaged in politics and civics than ever before.”

Two years after releasing their first political-inspired DVD, Matt found himself re-living his 90’s childhood by playing Mortal Kombat on his iPhone. That’s when the idea of substituting presidents and vice presidents as game characters was born.  Seven years later, the brothers are back once again with their newest political project, Blood of Patriots.

“We are finally seeing our dream come to fruition, and it’s impossible to put this into words how excited we are for everyone to see the creation,” expressed Josh.

With 17 political characters to choose from and four levels, users can unleash their political frustration or humor themselves as Hillary Clinton takes on Bernie Sanders in the ultimate beat down.  For gamers unimpressed with that awesome matchup, no worries.  Have ‘The Donald’ take on former president Barack Obama or “Mr. Pootie Poot” himself, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The matchups between political characters are endless.

“Our game is geared toward the casual gamer who has fond memories of the 90’s fighting games and enjoys political satire,” explained Josh. “Even non-gamers should find our game amusing as we have worked hard to make it as funny as it is fun to play.”

The premise of the game is pretty simple. An evil force, lurking deep in the shadows, threatens democracy as we know it. Gamers must select their fighter, a brave patriot, and defeat the tyrant to refresh the Tree of Liberty. The fate of the country, after all, depends on it.

Each political character possesses their own unique fighting moves, sounds, animations and, most importantly, fireballs. For example, to take down his opponent, Trump unleashes a fireball of tweets. For Hillary, as one might guess, her fireball is emails. As players fight their way up the tree, the fights become more challenging.

“No matter what side of the political spectrum you may be on, we just want players to have fun and laugh at the jokes within the game,” stressed Josh. “Within the game, each character has an intro and outro which is based on their real-life mannerism or something they are known for.”

Besides the fact that it’s a cool name, the game’s title was actually inspired by a famous Thomas Jefferson quote, according to Josh. The quote reads, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

“We know that there are real patriots out there. There are men and women that have actually fought and bled for this country. They do it so that we can sit comfortably and make video games that loosely borrow these terms. We can’t forget that,” stressed Josh.

That’s why a portion of the proceeds generated from Blood of Patriots will be donated to charities dedicated to veterans injured while serving our country, SSG Travis Mills Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Blood of Patriots can be downloaded for FREE on Google Play, the Apple app store and Steam. Later this year, the game will also be available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. New characters and levels are also in the works for the near future. To learn more about the game, visit

ABOUT 12 TO 6 STUDIOS, LLC: Based in southern California, 12 to 6 Studios is on a mission to make politics entertaining through fun-filled games and other tech-inspired projects. The company was founded by brothers, Josh and Matt Axelman. When the ambitious entrepreneurs aren’t thinking about politics, they stay busy rooting for their favorite sports team, the LA Lakers.

About Spotlight Media Pros

Spotlight Media Pros is made up of a group of dedicated and hardworking professionals who have a strong background in journalism. We are former reporters, anchors and producers with prior experience in the fast pace environment of television, print media and radio. Our background makes us the go-to PR experts.

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