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MillionaireMatch announces compatibility of its app with iPhone X for improved performance

To provide better user experience for the elite singles and rich people on Millionaire Match.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017, the world’s first and largest internet dating site designed for successful and attractive singles has stepped up its game by ensuring the compatibility of its app with iPhone X the recently developed Smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPhone X has the best smartphone display on the market with close to “textbook perfect calibration and performance,” along with the highest absolute color accuracy and highest full-screen brightness.  The screen takes up the whole screen and there’s no home button — you unlock your phone with your face. It is water and dust resistant, and capable of charging wirelessly. was specifically designed to enable members to verify their worth and photos to confirm that they are actually the people who they claim to be. The site was designed to deliver the optimum and user-friendly experience with enhanced functionality and navigation thereby enabling users to have access to comprehensive data about members. The app’s compatibility with the newest Smartphone IPhone X will facilitate the achievement of this aim and improve the apps effectiveness and functionality.

“We have been able to create a strong and growing customer base because our app is basically one of the best dating apps available” stated ….., the CEO of MillinaireMatch. “Our dating app is accessible through the iTunes App Store and features a cutting-edge matchmaking technology as well as an experienced and fascinating support team. We have successfully created numerous happy and loving members who are satisfied and appreciative of our services”.

The site which was designed bearing the expected user experience strongly in mind has been created using the most advanced technology to make it compatible with the most recent mobile devices and browsers. As a result of its outstanding service delivery coupled with excellent and successful dating match among members, has been featured on CNN, ABC and CBS and was voted “Best of the Web” by

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About MillionaireMatch

MillionaireMatch – the original millionaire dating app since 2001, over 3,000,000 users worldwide. Voted ”Best of the Web” by ” highlights the ”millionaires” in its listings” in its listings” by Wall Street Journal. Members have included CEOs, Athletes, Doctors, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Beauty Queens, Fitness Models and Hollywood Celebrities…

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Original article: MillionaireMatch announces compatibility of its app with iPhone X for improved performance.


Mad Mind Studios Connects Businesses With Influencer Marketing

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

Mad Mind Studios, a Los Angeles-based digital marketing and branding agency, offers clients influencer marketing to clients to help grow their online presence. The company connects clients with Instagram celebrities, large Facebook pages, and YouTube stars to help their clients.

Influencer marketing is a new tactic in getting “influencers” (digital celebrities with large followings on social media channels) to promote the company’s products or service. Essentially, brands desire for their influencers to become assets to their overall outreach strategy by turning influencers into brand ambassadors.

Omid Mousaei, CEO of Mad Mind Studios, believes influencer marketing is one of their most popular services and predicts 2018 to have an even bigger focus on famous brand ambassadors: “Our clients have experienced massive growth in their social media following due to our influencer marketing service.”

Mad Mind Studios has worked on influencer marketing for clients like Blumen Hair & Body and KickBack Cold Brew. While both companies are entirely different in their client base and branding, both have grown their social media profiles and digital outreach through influencers.

Influencers, depending on their social media following, can be difficult for brands to reach out to and also afford. Thus, small business owners and medium-size businesses sometimes have trouble reaching out to Facebook/Instagram influencers, which calls for a need for a professional influencer marketing agency to help them.

Stationed in Los Angeles, Mad Mind Studios is often working with brands that need extensive influencer marketing assistance. Many companies in Southern California can benefit from connecting with Los Angeles-based influencers due to their following also being in the area. Lifestyle bloggers, fitness fanatics, and “foodie” influencers are very popular in Los Angeles, making them valuable influencers to many brands.

The cost of influencers depend on a variety of factors, but Mad Mind Studios is adamant on negotiating with potential brand ambassadors. Mousaei continued, “Some influencers demand high payments for a few posts on their Instagram or Facebook profiles. It’s quite easy for small companies to be manipulated by these influencers to pay a high price, but we make sure to negotiate for the best deal possible.”

The best case scenario, Mousaei believes, is when company’s can simply send product to the influencers as a form of payment for Instagram posts. Another popular method to utilize influencers is to use their page as a means to generate buzz for giveaways.

Mousaei understands the value of influencer marketing, no matter the size of the business: “Every business can work with influencers regardless of their marketing budgets. They just need an agency’s expertise in navigating the waters to get the best deals possible.”

About Mad Mind Studios

Mad Mind Studios is a Los Angeles digital marketing, branding and web design agency that helps small, medium and large businesses achieve higher growth.

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Original article: Mad Mind Studios Connects Businesses With Influencer Marketing.


Cloud Companies Like Vend POS Boom, but Educator David Kinane Urges Caution in Tech Career Choices

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

The ubiquitous high-speed internet and artificial intelligence (AI) may be the best technological advances since the industrial revolution fired up the Luddites 200 years ago, but many people are having trouble dealing with the pace of change. 

Those who believe in software engineering as a career may not consider how the impact of AI and the growing demand it has generated for graduates to think creatively and flexibly. 

David Kinane, a digital consultant in the education sector, says whole departments of computer graduates hired to maintain networks of computers are being overtaken by cloud computing. That is a direct result of the high-speed, accessible and affordable internet and the consistent, quantum advances of AI. 

‘Costly computer networks, air-conditioned rooms and costly network engineers are diminishing as entire server farms are outsourced to the cloud, and with frightening speed.’

Companies such as Vend, a cloud-based, point-of-sale and retail management software that lets retailers run their business in-store, online, and via mobile, still need engineers, but the emphasis on skill sets is changing.

Kinane says the pace of change is lost on many, particularly those who think a career in computers is a ticket to lifelong and lucrative employment – that includes parents who encourage their children in that direction.

‘It probably won’t.’

He says companies outsourcing to the cloud pay only a flat fee for renting space. With the internet being so ubiquitous and affordable, the cloud makes obvious sense but that is still seldom a factor when choosing a digital career.

One of the challenges of the education system and digital world is preparing students for an ‘increasingly seismic and increasingly rapidly changing environment. Some educators themselves have yet to freely accept that the world in which they think they are preparing the children for is not the world they come from.

‘So, a lot of kids are being prepared for stuff that is entirely irrelevant. The kids can see it, but some teachers may not, and that is part of the problem.’

He says the industry now demands those looking at a digital career have a skill set that lets them work creatively, flexibly, collaboratively, remotely and work in a physical environment which lets them ‘co-construct without meeting’.

‘We don’t want kids who can just regurgitate content. We want kids who can create new content or who can work creatively, think outside the box, who can work collaboratively, who can process information from different sources.

‘Traditional pedagogy is hindering the wholesale implementation of a radical new way to present the curriculum, and some teachers (through their adherence to this traditional pedagogy) could be seen as luddites.’

Big organizations such as Microsoft, are crying out for computer science graduates that can manipulate data, work with data and interrogate data.

He says AI will replace many careers considered a safe bet such as low-level accounting and even routine legal work. 

‘Xero is a good example of AI accounting. Input your stuff and depending on what level you pay for, it will just do it all for you.’

‘Which begs the rhetorical question, if we are teaching content that is Google-able, then what relevance can education be in the eyes of well-connected students?’

That is the sort of digital development, he said, that is turning many parents into digital Luddites as they encourage their children into careers that may be heading nowhere.

“Undergraduate courses once seen as safe career choices – including accounting and law – may not offer the potential they once did. 

“The push from Universities and Governments is towards the STEM subjects, of which manipulating “big data” is one of the new big ones – many parents are not fully aware of this shift in emphasis,” he said.

About Vend

Vend is America’s leading retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC that let retailers easily manage and grow your business in the cloud.

Described as a beautifully designed, responsive point of sale system that gives retail customers the ability to service their customers quickly and efficiently, Vend POS is available online and offline and easily connects to all the latest hardware – barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers.

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Original article: Cloud Companies Like Vend POS Boom, but Educator David Kinane Urges Caution in Tech Career Choices.


Enterprise Accountant Software, Flexi, Offers Industry Leading Accounting Features

Flexi creates forward-thinking accounting software with the enterprise in mind

Shelton, CT (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

Flexi’s open architecture ensures that your finance and accounting software is ready to grow with your changing business needs.

Features that make Flexi so ideal for enterprise accounting include:

○ Business growth. Some of the toughest accounting challenges involve the close, consolidation, and reporting for multi-entities, multiple currencies, or acquisition activity that requires the consolidation of diverse financial systems. With Flexi you can handle it all with ease and confidence.

○ Integration, now and later. Flexi understands that your accounting system is at the heart of your entire business operation. This financial data needs to integrate with new software and applications that evolve, and Flexi’s open API architecture provides that flexibility.

○ Further automation. Accounting is moving toward automation. In fact, Deloitte and others refer to the future of ‘finance factories.’ Flexi is a trusted partner dedicated to helping customers safely transition with accounting software that will grow with you, as business needs dictate.

○ Remain competitive. Flexi helps you stay competitive with the accounting tools and controls needed to proactively adapt to changing regulatory and market demands. With Flexi, you can spend less time chasing lagging data and more time contributing key insights to business decisions.

Flexi solutions help enterprises…

  1. Improve Business Performance
  2. Reduce Expenses
  3. Enable Collaboration
  4. Increase Security
  5. Share Information
  6. Are Proactive
  7. Increase Confidence
  8. Gain Flexibility
  9. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses
  10. Enforce Payment Discipline
  11. Bill Promptly
  12. Increase Efficiency
  13. Streamline Performance
  14. Simplify Distribution

Read more ways that Flexi solutions work with enterprises as a one-stop shop.


Flexi offers a full suite of products to help your accounting staff perform and deliver–and save time while doing it.

With Flexi, you can streamline and automate labor-intensive financial management functions using accounts payable, general ledger, project management, and fixed asset solutions.

Flexi is an industry leader for a reason. With expertise in all aspects of accounting and 25 years experience, the Flexi team can offer the best of the best. Even better, Flexi offers cloud-based web services that not only streamline processes, but also make data accessible 24/7 from any device with an internet connection.

Learn more about Flexi accounting software solutions, or call 800-353-9492 to set up a demo today.

About Flexi Software

One of the primary goals was to provide companies with a non-proprietary, feature-rich accounting system that could be scaled to handle millions of transactions, yet remain flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of any company, hence the name “Flexi”. Openness was critical so that the software application could be easily integrated into any system.

Flexi is your partner from implementation to go-live, with continuous high quality support. With 25 years of experience and Flexi solutions installed at more than 800 locations worldwide, we have a long and successful track record that businesses in all industries can count on for all of their accounting needs – even in the most complex environments.

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Phone: 800.353.9492

Original article: Enterprise Accountant Software, Flexi, Offers Industry Leading Accounting Features.


Combined Technologies Offers a One-Stop Shop for All Contract Packaging Requirements

Combined Technologies is a full-service company dedicated to meeting all your contract packaging requirements.

Libertyville, IL (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

Food and beverage manufacturers have many things to consider when it comes to packaging. Things like eye appeal, freshness, and even compliance with packaging regulations are all vital to success. Fortunately, Combined Technologies, headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, offers full-service contract packaging options designed to suit these manufacturers’ needs.

Combined Technologies offers various services which can be combined into the perfect package:

· Packaging – Bottling, blister packaging, shrink wrapping, and more are available.

· Supply Chain Management – Combined Technologies can even assist with supply chain management, which is tailored to your needs.

· Design – This includes aesthetic and functional design, which appeals to consumers’ eyes as much as their palates.

· Fulfillment – Save time and money by allowing Combined Technologies to handle all your fulfillment logistics on your behalf.

· Bottling – Bottling, capping, and filling are available, and clients can choose from gummy bottling, sample pouches, club packaging, blister packs, canning, and bulk bag-and-seal options, among others.

· Sales Displays – The right display can help vendors move more of your product, resulting in more revenue.

· Pouching – Pouching is great for the environment, and it makes snack foods easy to store and handle.

· Green Packaging – Environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging options can help you and consumers feel better about your product.

When you choose Combined Technologies to assist you in your contract packaging, you can choose from these services and others to create the perfect plain tailored to your unique needs. This means you can spend less time on everything from design and packaging and focus on the more important aspects of managing your business. In the end, you’ll save time and money, and you will help your company grow through better marketing, better fulfillment, and better adherence to the many regulations in the food and beverage industry.

About Combined Technologies Inc.

CTI is a leading contract packaging & fulfillment company in Chicago offering custom packaging, bottling & supply chain services for primary & secondary product packaging.

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Original article: Combined Technologies Offers a One-Stop Shop for All Contract Packaging Requirements.


Caster Concepts Offers Various Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Caster Case Studies

Caster Concepts, a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of heavy duty steel caster wheels, now offers several case studies for your review.

Albion, MI (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

Caster Concepts is no ordinary manufacturer of casters and caster wheels. In fact, the team works with its clients from the ground up to design, develop, test, and later manufacture lines of casters that meet the needs of various industries and workplaces. Recently, the company announced its list of in-house case studies that can help individuals make better decisions about the types of casters and wheels that best suit their unique needs.

Types of Case Studies

Many of the case studies you’ll find on the Caster Concepts website involve the benefits of their different types of caster wheels. Some of these include heavy duty Twergo, Twergo Lite, Drive Caster, and SoS Dual Swivel casters. Each of these case studies focuses on one or more applications in which the caster wheels have been put to the test, making it easy for readers to determine the value of each individual wheel.

More case studies focus on the ways in which the various Caster Concepts products can improve productivity and safety within the workplace. For example, some case studies are all about how Twergo Lite casters can improve productivity in the workplace, especially in the heating and cooling equipment rental industry. Other case studies demonstrate the push force required to move the Twergo Lite caster wheel, while still others give information about how Conversion Drive Casters benefit those in the boat manufacturing industry.

Quality You Can Trust

Caster Concepts goes above and beyond selling cookie-cutter casters. In fact, they work directly with company engineers through Computer Aided Design to help come up with unique casters that suit any application at all. With Caster Concepts, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent products that have been tested and studied in a variety of industries.

About Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty casters and industrial caster wheels. We provide high quality, industrial strength casters and replacement caster wheels.

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Original article: Caster Concepts Offers Various Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Caster Case Studies.


Cloud Financial Reporting Software FYIsoft Offers Close Management Efficiency and Speed

Cloud financial reporting software FYIsoft offers close management efficiency and speed.

Naples, FL (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

CFOs today are feeling pressure to reduce the time required for period close processes. Preparing board-ready financial statement is taking too much time, and adding unnecessary stress to financial teams that are already stretched too thin. Combine that with a lack of visibility, and fragmented data from multiple systems, and you’re left with significant bottlenecks in the closing process.

If you are finding that Excel is a slow and tedious process, and/or multiple general ledgers are a challenge, FYIsoft can bring new efficiencies in the following ways.

● FYIsoft can connect into multiple general ledgers at a time, thus saving a tremendous amount of work by the CFO, finance and/or accounting team.

● Complete your period-end close process in hours versus days or weeks by automating a more efficient workflow

● Drill down to the transaction level right from the report to ensure accurate reconciliations

FYIsoft’s financial software solutions enable simpler financial consolidation by reducing the time and resources it takes to gather and compare financial data from multiple sources. By automating critical accounting functionalities and minimizing manual processes, you can reduce errors and focus on value-added financial analysis.

For multi-national businesses, FYIsoft’s cloud accounting solutions enable quick translation of multi-company balances into the required reporting currencies. It enables currency conversion calculations that make it easier to evaluate consolidated financial statements in a single currency.

● Integrate with multiple general ledgers for a consolidated view of information.

● Utilize consolidated reports with the ability to drill down and analyze data at the transaction level.

About FYIsoft, Inc.

FYIsoft provides comprehensive cloud-based and on-premises financial reporting solutions that enable individuals throughout your organization to gain actionable insight into corporate finances through relevant, presentation-quality reports. Our easy-to-use solutions simplify even the most complex financial reporting demands by automating manual processes and enabling you to get the right information to the right people – exactly when they need it.

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Grand Opening of Sweetberry Bowls/Montclair to Raise Funds for Toni’s Kitchen Food Ministry

The grand opening of Sweetberry Bowls' Montclair location (Saturday, 12/23) will also be a fundraiser for Toni's Kitchen, a food ministry that supports area residents.

Montclair, NJ (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

Sweetberry Bowls, which bills itself as America’s original build-your-own-bowl experience, will have an official grand opening event for their store at 19 Church Street in Montclair, NJ on Saturday, 12/23 from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.

Along with presenting special offers and contests throughout the day, the event will also be a fundraiser for Toni’s Kitchen, the food ministry of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, which “provides food to our neighbors in need in ways that respect their dignity, improve health and foster independence”.  15% of Sweetberry Bowls’ proceeds on 12/23 will be donated to Toni’s Kitchen.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our build-your-own-bowl experience in Montclair,” says Desi Saran, Founder and CEO of Sweetberry Bowls.  “We’re also excited to partner with Toni’s Kitchen, not only for the fundraising that we’ll be doing with them for our grand opening, but also with donations of surplus food that we’ll provide to them throughout the year.”

The grand opening of Sweetberry Bowls will include a variety of customer perks, including:

  • Free tastings of Sweetberry Bowls’ acai, pitaya, green (kale/spinach), and coconut bowl base blends
  • Raffle drawings for free bowls, smoothies, or t-shirts
  • A chance for guests who sign up for Sweetberry Bowls’ Rewards Program to win multiple gift cards
  • A contest to win a $10 gift card for guests who post a picture of their bowl on Instagram and tag it (@sweetberrybowlsmontclair)

“We’re grateful to Sweetberry Bowls to include a generous fundraiser for us in their grand opening,” says Anne Mernin, Director of Toni’s Kitchen.  “Their menu looks healthy and delicious, and we’re looking forward to a long and tasty relationship with them.”

The Sweetberry Bowls grand opening will take place on Saturday, 12/23 from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.  The store is located at 19 Church Street.  For more information, call Sweetberry Bowls at 732-655-8002.

About Sweetberry Bowls

At Sweetberry Bowls, America’s original and sweetest build-your-own-bowl experience, every bowl combination is handcrafted and built to your personal preferences. Whether you love sweet pitaya, the bold flavor of acai, greens, or coconut, you can customize any of our healthy ingredients to your exact liking. Mix and match our wholesome bases, crunchy granola, fresh fruits, delectable drizzles, and extra toppings. The possibilities are endless!

Sweetberry Bowls stores are currently open in Montclair, NJ and Fort Myers, FL with many more delicious locations coming soon…

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Name: Rafe Gomez
Phone: 917.628.2119

Original article: Grand Opening of Sweetberry Bowls/Montclair to Raise Funds for Toni’s Kitchen Food Ministry.


A ‘pay it forward’ startup triggers a wave of kindness in the US

Chummy startup launches in Seattle with a free social app for kind people providing the simplest way to ask for help and pay it forward.

Seattle, WA (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

Chummy, an urban social network startup headquartered in Los Angeles, today announced the launch of its mobile app in Seattle and company’s new branch office in Shoreline. Chummy social app connects people who need help with those who are nearby and ready to lend a hand. After a year of beta-testing, the app’s ecosystem of kindness has attracted more than 62,000 users and now is available for iPhone and Android platforms.

“Gone are the days when we borrowed a cup of sugar from a neighbor, but we’re bringing back the power of human kindness,” – explained Anton Zapolskyi, CEO and cofounder of Chummy. “Like the Bat Signal in the real world, we unite caring individuals who enjoy paying it forward and make the world a better place. Literally.”

Federal studies of recent years show that 1 in 4 Americans age 16 and over officially volunteer, and 3 in 5 helped their neighbors last year. Those 62.6 million and 138 million, respectively, of kind people today make America the most responsive and compassionate nation in the world.

Chummy’s mission is as exalted as it is idealistic – to compound those good people together on our social ecosystem and enhance daily beneficial interactions between them. So that every Chummy user has real friendly help for any life-issues and can easily pay it forward. As more good people in the city join, the whole united community of goodwill should beget enough power to warm the hearts of cities. One by one, starting from Seattle – one of the five America’s most socially responsible big cities (according Conscious Consumer Spending Index 2017).

“Chummy is a community where your best friend, your neighbor, your colleague, the handyman down the road, the babysitter in the apartment below, the partner at the gym and console, the delivery mate, converge in one place,” – explained Zapolskyi. “It’s a social app to propel the kindness movement daily, one act at a time. And it’s doing so through everyday interactions of people like you, people who have a word of advice, a shoulder to lean on, or a strong hand to help.”



App Store:

Google Play:





Product Hunt:

Journalists interested in further information, additional assets or interviews are welcome to contact Chummy by sending an email to:

John Popel

Head of Growth

Chummy, Inc

17313 Ashworth Ave N

Shoreline, WA 98133


About Chummy, Inc

Chummy is the simplest app to ask for help and pay it forward.

Chummy is based on three simple principles:
• uniting caring people who believe in paying it forward;
• quality of the local community is more important than its quantity;
• no fees, no ads, no gimmicks.

The idea was borne on August 2015, in Miami during a phone call between the founders, Anton Zapolskyi and Vitalii Betin. Three months later, 13 November 2015 the headquarters in Los Angeles was established and Chummy was officially born. It took approximately five months to develop the alpha version, and in March of 2016, the app was released on Apple Store and Google Play. One year and 62,000 beta users later, Chummy is finally being released in Seattle, WA.

Press Contact

Name: John Popel
Phone: +12133256668

Original article: A ‘pay it forward’ startup triggers a wave of kindness in the US.

Source: Launches to Give Easy Access to What’s Long Since Been an Effort to Unearth launches to help homeowners, homebuyers, developers, investors, and agents find the records they need fast, easy, and free of charge.

Brooklyn, NY (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2017

Making a must-have for homeowners and industry professionals more approachable than ever, a new website has taken the mystery out of property records.  Enter,  It’s the newly-launched online directory that puts a high value on simplicity.  Now consumers and industry pros can visit the site and run a deed search, look for a property assessment, or get immediate information on things like property taxes nationwide.  Giving easy access regardless of location, the search is over; property records just got easy to find.

Peter Miller, the manager of the site, said of the new free resource, “We couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of mainly because it streamlines a process that should have never been complicated in the first place.  Up until now, finding public records has been difficult because the state, county, and local government structures are complicated.  Property records have been especially hard to locate.  Our site is very straightforward. By consolidating data which was previously segmented online, we have created a phenomenal asset to the end user.”

So how does it work? To get the benefit of a compilation of record-focused government office information users need only visit the new site.  From there they will search for their property’s state, county, and city and instantly they will find contact details.  These details include all the government offices in that location along with a description of what types of property records can be found there.  The information is manually compiled by a team that has verified it by calling each municipality for the utmost clarity.  Now, the site is available to ease the consumer pain point of doing extensive research on their own. is on point for industry pros like land developers, commercial and residential real estate investors and real estate agents, appraisers and insurance agents. Property records such as titles, deeds, liens, ownership, tax records, appraisals, and unclaimed property can be found quickly.  Searches for local government assessors, auditors, clerks, property appraisers, deeds recorders, treasurers, tax collectors, city halls, and town halls are available.

In addition to a comprehensive listing of physical addresses and phone numbers for local government offices, also offers partner sites like TrueID for public records based on one’s full name.  Property deeds with property value, owners’ names, and tax information can also be obtained via the partnering site, 

For more information visit

About headquarters is based in Brooklyn, New York and provides the marketplace with an extensive nationwide resource for property records.

Press Contact

Name: Peter Miller
Phone: 516-545-1510

Original article: Launches to Give Easy Access to What’s Long Since Been an Effort to Unearth.