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The Shepherd’s Diet by Kristina Wilds – Important Information Released by TheHealthDiaries

The Shepherd’s Diet by Kristina Wilds – Important Information Released by TheHealthDiaries

This news report by Shawna Michael uncovers important information on The Shepherd’s Diet every consumer must know.

(PRUnderground) March 24th, 2017

The Shepherd’s Diet Plan by Kristina Wilds helps unlock the body’s healing energies. It teaches people to incorporate good fats into their daily diet. These fats have innate healing capabilities that can support metabolism, cell signaling, immunity, hormone production and the absorption of a variety of nutriments.

Shawna Michael reveals in this report important details about the Shepherd’s Diet Plan and what it offers to user.

According to Shawna, “A newly launched weight loss program developed by Kristina Wilds named “The Shepherd’s Diet” really does work so that people cast off unwanted body weight and keep it off. The program is also known as the Biblical Belly Breakthrough which takes inspiration from one of the earliest primeval guidance books in the world. This fitness program teaches people to plan ahead to have the right food choices to hand at the right times which can help them to stay on track and come through their weight loss goals.”

“The Shepherd’s Diet focuses on nutrition knowledge, understanding high-fat approach, incorporating good fats, portion control, calorie awareness and science-based biblical secrets. This diet plan aids effective meal planning, aids portion control and helps keep meals healthily balanced but minified in calories to promote effective weight loss.”

Learn More About The Shepherd’s Diet From Its Official Website Here!

Moreover, Shawna says that people would be able to lose up to 80 pounds of stubborn excess body fat after following this diet plan. This program explicates in detail the principles of a healthy diet. It is general advice for a number of people, however, the advice may be different for certain groups of people including pregnant women, people battling against life-threatening diseases or those with special dietary requirements.

Following this diet plan helps to avert certain long-term diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. It may also help to scale down peril of developing some cancers and help people to keep a healthy body weight. The Shepherd’s Diet revolves around educating people to incorporate good fats into their daily diet.

According to the Biblical Belly Breakthrough, these fats have innate healing capabilities that can support metabolism, cell signaling, health of a number of body tissues, immunity, hormone production and the absorption of a variety of nutriments. These fats help boost the digestive and metabolic functions of the body in order to quickly burn overmuch body fat. Having sufficient amount of fat will help keep people feeling full between meals. In addition, people’s brains are fat-based which is why changes in fat composition can affect transmission of nervous system impulses.

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She further adds, “Accordingly, balancing a person’s fat intake can promote ideal functioning of their whole body. As a result, it is important that people give priority to whole food fat sources in their diets. Not only does this program help people shift their diet today by getting good fats back into their regime but it also helps with other key skills and mindsets that are part and parcel of efficacious, realistic and sustainable weight loss.”

“The Shepherd’s Diet helps unlock the body’s healing energies. It unlocks a person’s life force to heal them from the inside and addresses the root causes of different maladies and illnesses. The Shepherd’s Diet treats mild sicknesses, normalizes cholesterol numbers, kills off hunger, avoids bloating, increases vitality, prevents diseases and improves a person’s overall health condition through healing fats. Every day people will be taken by a surprise by how eating more “Healing Fats” is the secret to changing their body into the fat burning furnace, the creator claims.”

This diet plan revitalizes a person’s overall health physically, mentally and spiritually. The program teaches people how sleep is the key that affects weight loss. A person’s ability to burn calories plus the food choices they make all contribute to nighttime calorie burning. A person’s body burns more body fat without difficulty when they are in a deep sleep than when they are just lying reading in bed or tossing and turning around.

More Information About The Shepherd’s Diet Can Be Found Here

Calories burned during sleep are used to keep up important functions in the body. Monitoring and maintaining a person’s internal temperature, repairing cells and pumping blood are some of the nighttime activities that their body naturally does. Furthermore, the program comes with “High-Fat Approach to Fast and Easy Weight Loss” which helps scale down the aging process, rejuvenates all cells in a person’s body and marks down their excess body weight. The Shepherd’s Diet also comes with “The Higher Power Prayer Method” which helps people avoid the temptations of the unhealthy foods and drastically marks down their peril of the gluttony.

There are a plentitude of factors that can lead to cravings for unhealthy foods such as depression, hormonal fluctuations, reaction to stress and eating disorders. These cravings can be extremely difficult to defeat but with the help of The Higher Power Prayer Method people can do it.

The Shepherd’s Diet comes with “Smart Carb Feasting Trick” which teaches people to be smart about how and when they eat carbs. Removing carbs may help people take a load off excess body weight in the short term but this can lead to a restrictive, unhealthy relationship with food. This trick helps people intelligently eat carbs so that their insulin levels and metabolism do not get disturbed.

To conclude her evaluation, Shawna says, “People can try out these seven cooking hacks to amaze their partner, friends and family. Additionally, the program contains some bonus items including Grocery Field Guide, Fat Loss Protocol, Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide and Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients Report. The Shepherd’s Diet comes with a 60 day money back refund guarantee. If in case customers are not satisfied with this diet plan then they can claim their full refund by contacting the customer representative of the company. For consumer protection, interested folks should only order this guide from its official website (link given below).”

Click Here to Visit The Official Website of The Shepherd’s Diet


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New business book from NDMA Publishing asks: Is There Really a Science to Organizational Structure?

New business book from NDMA Publishing asks: Is There Really a Science to Organizational Structure?

"Principle-based Organizational Structure" -clear guidelines on how to design organization charts that induce entrepreneurship, accountability, performance, and teamwork.

(PRUnderground) March 24th, 2017

“Structure is a science?  Structure is more fundamental than processes?  Than strategies?  Than even people?  Shared-services is not chargebacks?  Every manager is an entrepreneur?  Dotted lines/matrix/federated models Ä all wrong?  Wow, this book blew away the fads and ‘common wisdom’ (which turns out to be unwise), and opened my eyes to a completely new, refreshing, powerful, and pragmatic understanding of organizations.  A great read.  Great work.”  So says Chris S. Romano, a legal industry CIO, about Dean Meyer’s latest business book, Principle-based Organizational Structure.

This is Meyer’s eighth book, the culmination of over 30 years of study and practical experiences leading restructuring projects in dozens of companies, non-profit, and government organizations.

Unlike the myriad other books on organizational design, most of which come from a Human Resources perspective, Meyer treats structure as an engineering science.  “Look at any organization chart and see who’s fighting with whom, who’s not making objectives, and who has ulcers!” Meyer says.  The book lays out clear principles and frameworks, and gives executives practical guidance on how to design their own organizations.

The book goes beyond just organization charts.  As Meyer explains, “The more an organization lets people specialize, the better they perform.  But if organizations aren’t great at cross-boundary teamwork, they create ‘silo’ groups that are self-sufficient.  And that, of course, reduces specialization and performance.”

At this point, executives reading the book might say, “Ouch!”  Teamwork is a familiar problem.  Fortunately, Meyer goes on to explain how to build highly effective teamwork across structural boundaries – not by conventional teambuilding, but with a practical team-formation process.

Another key difference from traditional approaches is what Meyer calls “the business-within-a-business paradigm.”  Every job is designed as a small entrepreneurship within the overall business.  Among the many benefits is that managers at every level understand that they’re accountable for serving customers, within the organization and beyond.  And it’s up to them to keep their businesses competitive through cost savings, reliable delivery, quality, customer service, and innovation.

The book also deals with the challenges of change management, laying out a step-by-step process for restructuring.  Unlike many reorganizations where the top executive simply announces a new organization chart, Meyer’s process is open and participative, engaging leadership teams in designing and deploying their new structures.

The process begins with a “rainbow analysis,” in which leaders color-code their current organization chart based on the types of internal businesses under each of them.  This vivid exercise reveals missing functions (gaps), groups trying to be experts at too many different things (rainbows), internal lines of business that are scattered all over the organization, and jobs that focus staff on something other than what they’re supposed to be good at.

Principle-based Organizational Structure is a unique combination of vision, science, and pragmatic guidelines and processes.  35 stories and case studies throughout the book bring the principles to life.  And Meyer’s straightforward style and summaries at the end of each chapter make it an easy read.

Preston Simons, CIO of Aurora Health Care, said, “Frankly, after studying and applying these principles repeatedly, I can’t imagine why other executives would depend on their intuitions, or repeat the mistakes others have made under the guise of ‘best practices.’”

After reading this book, one has to grant that organizational structure is indeed a science – a practical science that can benefit most any executive.


PRINCIPLE-BASED ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:  a handbook to help you engineer entrepreneurial thinking and teamwork into organizations of any size

ISBN:  1-892606-32-1
Price:  $28
Pages:  448
Publication date:  March 24, 2017

Images of book cover and author photos:

Contact for review copies, interviews, and excerpts:
Ray Terlaga, press and customer relations
NDMA Publishing, Danbury, CT

Author bio:

More on Principle-based Organizational Structure

Selected Endorsements:

“I’ve been part of the senior leadership of a variety of organizations — start­ups to large companies — and I never looked at organizational design as a science. This book makes tremendous sense to me. It’s profound, and at the same time, practical.”

Ulrich Pilz, Board Director, multiple companies

“Other books I’ve read on structure present lots of theories, but no clear guidance. This is breakthrough thinking, and yet Dean makes it so practical and accessible that is seems like common sense.”

Pat Beach, Director, Corporate IT, SRC Inc.

“This is the first book I’ve read on organizational structure that makes sense in the real world, hangs together, and comes with an instruction manual on how to implement change.”

Fred Dewey, CEO and Serial Entrepreneur

“Every executive, from the CEO down, will profit from the lessons Meyer lays out here.”

Richard Hunter, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

“This book gives me a transformational approach to redesigning my organization.”

Karan Powell, President, American Public University

“Market leadership depends on innovative growth strategies, translated into deployable growth initiatives, and an organization that can execute. Principle-based Organizational Structure lays out how to build that organization.”

Michael Treacy, best-selling author, The Discipline of Market Leaders

“I’ve applied these principles to my entire company, and it has been an engine for our growth.”

Sergio Paiz, CEO, PDC

“This book systematically transforms the mystique of organizational design into an open, rational engineering science. It explains how to mature an organization without losing its entrepreneurial spirit, a key ingredient of ‘crossing the chasm.”

Geoffrey Moore, best-selling author, Crossing the Chasm

About NDMA Inc.

NDMA is a consulting firm specializing in organizational transformations which implement the business-within-a-business paradigm.

Press Contact

Name: Ray Terlaga
Phone: 203-790-1100

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Learner 3.0 Webinar – Innovative Technology to Help Today’s Learners Develop and Thrive

Learner 3.0 Webinar – Innovative Technology to Help Today’s Learners Develop and Thrive

(PRUnderground) March 24th, 2017

As learning shifts to the modern Learning 3.0, a personalized knowledge-based approach, organizations that don’t leverage advances in technology are at risk in the areas of recruitment and retention.

Join us as we discuss Learner 3.0 and what they want, your first steps in transitioning to Learning 3.0, and innovative technology to help your modern learners develop and thrive. Mar 28, 2017, 1:00 PM in Eastern Time (U.S. and Canada)

Register at:

About CD2 Learning

About CD2 Learning
CD2 Learning is an award-winning learning and development technology providing a portfolio of products designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce. CD2 offers a single, cloud-based solution that takes an innovative approach to traditional development. Through the CD2 platform, organizations can create, manage, library and deliver content/learning to internal and external users from any device at any time.

Press Contact

Name: Becky Sterling
Phone: 308.440.7233

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Apollo Box’s Augmented Reality Shopping Platform Engages Customers and Increases Sales

Apollo Box’s Augmented Reality Shopping Platform Engages Customers and Increases Sales

Shoppers now have a platform to engage with products before making an online purchase because of augmented reality (AR), launched today by Apollo Box.

(PRUnderground) March 24th, 2017

Shoppers now have a platform to engage with products before making an online purchase because of augmented reality (AR). Thanks to the e-commerce startup, Apollo Box, augmented reality is now available to other brands who want to bring their products to life.

Apollo Box is one of the first businesses to integrate augmented reality into the online shopping experience. The new startup made an app built on markerless AR technology, that allows users to view and interact with virtual 3D products that are pictured in their current environment.

Apollo Box started beta testing the AR feature in October 2016 and found a correlation between AR technology and sales based on their report of beta testing metrics. The report revealed that customers who used the augmented reality feature in their app were 25% more likely to make a purchase.

Data from the report shows users who tried their AR shopping feature spent 2.5X time in the app with a 20% higher retention rate compared to those who did not use the feature. Customers are drawn to Apollo Box because they have the opportunity to become familiar with products their living environment and see how products work before they commit to purchase.

Apollo Box now offers this technology to brands that want to give consumers the same 3D experience. It is often time-consuming and costly for individual brands to create their own AR apps, which involves specialist hiring and technology licensing. Apollo Box makes this service readily available. Any brand can present a high-quality 3D animation of their products on Apollo Box’s innovative platform for free. Apollo Box wants to support all small and medium brands with AR to help boost their business success.

Apollo Box co-founder Will Li says he is thrilled but not surprised by what he has seen in the AR shopping industry.

“Apollo Box is trying to bring the online shopping experience to the next level with 3D and AR technology. More than 20% of consumer shopping will be done via AR by 2020 and we hope to lead the way towards the future of e-commerce,” says Li.

Download the AR shopping report here.

About Apollo Box Inc

Apollo Box is an AR e-commerce platform curated to help customers discover, collect and share unique products from around the world. For more information, email:

Press Contact

Name: Shannon Ma
Phone: 4152555839

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Allpoint Construction in Allen Park Awarded GAF Master Elite Status

Allpoint Construction in Allen Park Awarded GAF Master Elite Status

(PRUnderground) March 24th, 2017

Categorized as the best of the best, Allpoint Construction announces their new enviable status with GAF.  Now among the elite, literally, the contracting company in Allen Park, Michigan holds Master Elite status with the most recognizable shingle manufacturer in the U.S.  Used my most roofers in the industry, GAF shingles have taken their place as the optimum product for this niche market.  Thus, when a roofing contractor reaches the uncommon Master Elite status, they have proven to GAF that their work is as optimum as the products they sell.

Tom Krechnyak, the owner of Allpoint Construction, said of the recognition for his company’s excellent work, “We couldn’t be more pleased to hold Master Elite status with GAF.  Their recognition is in direct thanks for all of our hard work as well as the integrity of our craftsmanship.  We give our best because it’s our mission to do just that.  So, homeowners rely on us for quality new roof installation in Southeast Michigan; roof installations that stand the test of time.”

A Master Elite contractor is the only type of roofer than can provide their customers with the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty.  This warranty is the most substantial warranty in the roofing industry.  It requires that the entire roof system originates with GAF products.

For more information visit

About Allpoint Construction

Allpoint Construction provides the Metro Detroit area with small to large home improvement services. The company specializes in all aspects of construction and remodeling. This includes everything from roofs to ventilation, gutters and siding, kitchens and baths, flooring and tiling, windows and doors, and masonry among other necessary renovation services.

Press Contact

Name: Tom Krechnyak
Phone: 734-407-7110

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Elite Airways Introduces Nonstop Jet Service between Asheville & Vero Beach Starting at $179 ea way

Elite Airways Introduces Nonstop Jet Service between Asheville & Vero Beach Starting at $179 ea way

Nonstop Service on Thursdays and Sundays Begins May 25; Tickets Now on Sale at

(PRUnderground) March 24th, 2017

Elite Airways LLC today announced new nonstop flights between Vero Beach Regional Airport (VRB)  in Florida and Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) in North Carolina. The new flights, scheduled on Thursdays and Sundays between VRB and AVL will begin on May 25. Early-bird fares start at $179 each way and tickets are now on sale at 877-393-2510 and

Elite Airways operates a fleet of Bombardier CRJ-200 and CRJ-700 jet airliners known for comfort and efficiency, and maintains an impeccable safety record. Passengers receive free onboard snacks and beverages, first checked bag up to 50lbs, and no ticketing change fees* (see website for details). Asheville is located within North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains and is known for a vibrant arts scene, national parks and hiking trails, and historic architecture. Vero Beach offers luxury beachfront living and resorts, world-class golf, dining, shopping, fine arts and cultural attractions.

“We are pleased to offer nonstop jet service between Asheville and Vero Beach with a Thursday/Sunday schedule that will be ideal for vacationers headed in either direction,” said John Pearsall, President of Elite Airways. “We look forward to providing service in Asheville and sincerely thank airport and community leaders for their support.”

“Asheville Regional Airport is growing significantly, with more passengers than ever before flying to and from western North Carolina,” said Lew Bleiweis, A.A.E., Executive Director.  “We are pleased to welcome Elite Airways as the newest airline at AVL, and look forward to welcoming travelers to and from Vero Beach, Florida.”

“Nonstop jet service to Asheville is a unique addition at VRB, and one that has been highly sought after by passengers who would rather take a nonstop flight versus a ten hour drive. The airport is pleased to see new markets and travel opportunities open up to the area, and we thank Elite Airways for expanding its service at Vero Beach Regional Airport,” said Airport Executive Director, Eric Menger.

About Elite Airways LLC

Elite Airways LLC was founded in 2006 by airline veterans with the goal to provide passengers a better travel experience with nonstop flights, competitive prices and exceptional service. Elite Airways is a U.S. Part 121 Air Carrier and provides charter and scheduled service throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and South America. The airline’s routes connect underserved communities with popular destinations that include New York City/Newark, Portland ME, Orlando-Melbourne, Sarasota-Bradenton and Vero Beach FL, and the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. Headquartered in Portland Maine, Elite Airways’ maintenance operations center is located in Melbourne on Florida’s Space Coast. All scheduled flights are sold and operated by Elite Airways LLC, and available for purchase at or by calling 877-393-2510.
*Starting fare for a one way ticket. **For Elite Airways flights, the first checked bag and carry-on will be free, $50.00 for a second checked bag, and $75.00 for the third checked bag per person. Each checked bag weighing between 51 and 70 pounds will be assessed a fee of $25 in addition to the checked bag fee. Each checked bag weighing between 71 and 100 pounds will be assessed a fee of $100. Visit for more details on our standard baggage service fee schedule. Dates of the advertised flights are subject to change in accordance with regulatory requirements. See the TSA website for a list of prohibited items.

Press Contact

Name: Rebecca Crisafulli
Phone: 321-259-1795 ext. 441

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Bethany Beach Ocean Suites & Coastal Athlete to Offer Free Summer Cross Training Classes for Guests

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites & Coastal Athlete to Offer Free Summer Cross Training Classes for Guests

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn by Marriott will offer complimentary cross training sessions for their guests throughout the summer season.

(PRUnderground) March 24th, 2017

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn by Marriott, which is ranked #1 in Tripadvisor’s guest reviews of hotels in Bethany Beach, DE, will offer complimentary cross training sessions for their guests throughout the summer season.  The boot camp style classes are a partnership with local fitness studio Coastal Athlete and will debut on Memorial Day weekend.  All classes will be held on the beach and will be led by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Trevor Hurd, owner of Coastal Athlete.

“Trevor’s Beach Boot Camp was incredibly successful last summer, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with him and share it with our adult guests as a complimentary amenity,” says Allyson Knight, Activities Director at Bethany Beach Ocean Suites. “Kids will also have a blast with his exciting Ninja Fitness class, which will give a great workout to young athletes as well as kids who are looking for a fun new way to play and be active.”

Details about the two classes are as follows:

Kids Ninja Fitness

  • The first and only workout of its kind in the Delmarva area.
  • Open to boys and girls, ages 7 to 13.
  • Activities will include low-level body weight exercises; cardio interval training; obstacle training; game play that’s focused on speed, multi-directional movement and hand-eye coordination; and a cool down.
  • Equipment will include agility ladders, speed cones, sandbags, medicine balls, resistance bands, and balance beams, mini-trampolines, steps, pillars, and cargo nets.

Beach Boot Camp

  • A safe workout that allows participants to challenge themselves and work as a fitness team.
  • Open to men, women, boys, and girls of any fitness level, ages 14 years and up.
  • Activities will include bodyweight training, calisthenics, speed and agility training, core training, functional strength training, and flexibility work.
  • Equipment will include agility Ladders, speed cones, sandbags, medicine balls, resistance bands, and exercise mats.

“Both Kids Ninja Fitness and Beach Boot Camp exclusively use bodyweight exercises, which deliver a workout that’s challenging and non-intimidating,” says Hurd, a former All-American tennis player who has been operating Coastal Athlete since 2014. “The bodyweight exercise approach has delivered great results for my studio clients as well as the participants in my previous beach boot camps – and I know that this year’s participants will really enjoy it.

Beach Boot Camp and Kids Ninja Fitness will be complimentary for guests of Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn by Marriott.  Admission for non-guests will be $10 per session, payable directly to the instructor.  Classes will be held on the beach at Garfield Parkway, just steps from the hotel.  Beach Boot Camp will be held on Monday and Thursday at 8:00AM, and Kids Ninja Fitness will be held on Tuesday and Saturday at 9:00AM, both beginning on May 27.  No RSVP or sign-up is needed to participate. For more information about the classes, contact Trevor Hurd/Coastal Athlete at (423) 260-0272.  For guests who would like additional details about the classes, contact Bethany Beach Ocean Suites at (302) 539-3200.


About Real Hospitality Group

Real Hospitality Group (RHG) is headquartered in Ocean City, MD with a regional office in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. The Real Hospitality Group portfolio includes 76 hotel properties with an inventory of more than 9,659 rooms in gateway cities that include New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, and locations in Syracuse, Newark, Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, DE, Montauk, New York, and Ocean City, MD. The company is a recognized service provider for Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, Hyatt, Wyndham, IHG, and the Choice Hotels brands, as well as established diverse collection of independent and lifestyle hotels.  RHG focuses on total service property management, revenue performance, guest experience and business development for investors in the lodging sector.

About Bethany Beach Ocean Suites

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites, the only luxury hotel on the Bethany Beach waterfront, combines modern touches with soothing natural elements. Ranked #1 in TripAdvisor’s customer reviews of hotels in the market and located directly on the boardwalk, our 112 ocean suites feature comfortable, spacious rooms, tranquil views, and one mile of sandy beaches in the heart of Bethany Beach, DE.

Press Contact

Name: Rafe Gomez
Phone: 917.628.2119

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Living Dinosaurs & Ice Age at the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Living Dinosaurs & Ice Age at the Formula 1 Grand Prix

The exhibition Living Dinosaurs & Ice Age will be at the Bahrain Formula 1 event, April 2017

(PRUnderground) March 23rd, 2017

The international exhibition Living Dinosaurs & Ice Age will be part of the exciting 2017 Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The exhibition, made of 34 animatronic life-size dinosaurs and ice age animals, will offer Grand Prix’s visitors and their families the opportunity to further entertainment alongside the prestigious Formula 1 event.
Living Dinosaurs & Ice Age has been seen by over 10 million viewers worldwide, making it one of the most popular exhibitions ever.

World Touring Exhibitions represents Living Dinosaurs as well as other popular exhibitions to include among others: animatronics, exhibitions made of LEGO® bricks, sea monsters, space exhibitions, Da Vinci exhibits and an original collection formerly owned by Marilyn Monroe.

In its producer’s vest, World Touring Exhibitions produced Travelling Bricks made of LEGO® bricks. Created by 20 LEGO Certified Professional Artists, Travelling Bricks is made of 120 Pieces in 60 scenes to include large exhibits like a 7mt long Titanic and a 3mt tall sky rocket among others. An interactive area is also available for visitors to play with LEGO® bricks.

World Touring Exhibitions’ products are dynamic, interactive, educational and entertaining: they have been displayed in some of the world’s most popular venues worldwide.

Living Dinosaurs & Ice Age can be seen at the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix from 12th to 16th April, 2017.

About World Concert Artists

World Concert Artists & World Touring Exhibitions: International Entertainment Agency, Booking Agents for Artists, Shows festivals, TV, corporate & special events. Touring exhibitions specialist. Management. Publishing.

Press Contact

Name: Li
Phone: +44 20 3086 9993

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WAV, Inc Invests in 2017 Collective Growth

WAV, Inc Invests in 2017 Collective Growth

And Adds New Hires to Expand Coverage of Engineering, Marketing and Sales

(PRUnderground) March 23rd, 2017

WAV, Inc., a value-added distributor of LTE, wireless broadband, Wi-Fi and networking equipment, hires additional key staff members to support the unprecedented growth of the business into 2017 and beyond. Mark Billets brings talent and experience as Senior Systems Engineer; Ashley Guziec joins as Marketing Coordinator; and Brian Perry and Carrie Layne join the team as Inside Sales Representatives.

Mark Billets has 20 years of experience in information technology with an emphasis on wireless. As a Senior Systems Engineer, Mark will be working alongside WAV’s business development team to assist customers in designing carrier grade LTE and wireless broadband networks.

Ashley Guziec has joined the WAV family as Marketing Coordinator. Her role will play a critical part as WAV, Inc. moves forward with new branding and marketing initiatives. Guziec’s contributions will continue to help reinforce existing relationships between WAV and manufacturers as well as customers. “I am looking forward to working closely with all of our partners, from suppliers to resellers and internet service providers,” Guziec said, “I am focused on providing value to the team and contributing to the overall growth of our partners.”

Brian Perry and Carrie Layne bring a combined 35 years of sales and customer service experience to their position as Inside Sales Representatives.  Together, they will help sustain WAV’s ongoing mission to provide unrivaled value and responsiveness to customers and manufacturers.  “We are a rapidly growing company and need the right people to be in key positions. At the core of our success is our customers, and bolstering the Inside Sales Team by adding Brian and Carrie re-emphasizes our commitment to helping our customers succeed in very competitive markets” said Zach Hubeck, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

WAV, Inc. has a desire to get closer to its continually growing customer base. “The addition of these new employees enables WAV to leverage its staff to better serve and connect with partners at every level,” said Robert Nelson, Chief Operating Officer at WAV, Inc. “WAV saw remarkable growth in 2016, and the momentum is continuing into 2017. We are able to compete in new areas because of new partnerships, the changing marketplace, and the addition of new customers.”

About WAV, Inc.

WAV, Inc. is a full service distributor of LTE, wireless broadband, networking, and Wi-Fi equipment. Located in Aurora, IL, WAV provides its partners a competitive edge by offering extensive product knowledge & unmatched technical expertise, support for multi-vendor solutions, product availability, as well as professional value-added services for its VAR & WISP communities, including (but not limited to): technical support, predictive analysis services, FCC coordination and installation & diagnostics. “We Make the Internet Work”. For more information, call (800) 678-2419 or visit the web at:

Press Contact

Name: Ashley Guziec
Phone: 630-818-1012

Read full release at WAV, Inc Invests in 2017 Collective Growth.




GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer, proudly announces the release of its STRIP 4’ 38.5W and STRIP 4’ 22.5W linear fixtures.

(PRUnderground) March 23rd, 2017

Part of GREEN CREATIVE’s new QWIKLINK Series, these linear luminaires feature the QWIKLINK connection system to easily and seamlessly connect up to 64′ of fixtures. This innovative connection system includes the QWIKLINK connector for end-to-end fixture connections, the QWIKLINK cable for distant fixture connection and the QWIKLINK sensor for occupancy sensing and dimming for a single fixture or entire row. Each connector provides a 120-277V line voltage and 0-10V dimming connection between fixtures.

“The STRIP QWIKLINK Series is designed to make installation and connection between fixtures as easy and convenient as possible,” says GREEN CREATIVE’s Marketing Director, Matt Leonard. “All wiring is done using quick connectors, including 0-10V dimming, to save time during installation.”’

Each STRIP fixture installs quickly and easily. The light engine safety cable allows the whole product to be installed at once. Multiple knockouts located on each fixture allow for flexibility when wiring, regardless if the main input enters from the back or side of the product.

Both fixtures can be surface mounted using a J-box plate or suspended using aircraft cables. A QWIKLINK sensor which integrates with a single fixture or an entire row for occupancy sensing and dimming is also available.

All fixtures come with a 100,000-hr lifetime and 10-yr warranty and are available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K CCT.

Detailed information and leaflet for the STIRP QWIKLINK Series can be found here.

These products are available through GREEN CREATIVE distributors and are ready to ship from the company’s west coast, central and east coast distribution centers. For more information on where to purchase these products near you or how to become a distributor, please contact GREEN CREATIVE at: or (866) 774-5433.


GREEN CREATIVE is a major solid state lighting development and manufacturing company based in the Bay Area, CA. The company specializes in retrofit lighting for the commercial market, offering a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions. GREEN CREATIVE is fully integrated with strong R&D capabilities to constantly offer the latest technology available. For more information on GREEN CREATIVE please visit For all of the latest updates follow GREEN CREATIVE on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Press Contact

Name: Connor Doyle
Phone: 866-774-5433

Read full release at GREEN CREATIVE launches STIRP QWIKLINK Series LED Luminaires.