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Dr. Peter Ku Awarded 2017 Best Dentist Award in Fort Worth, Texas by Star-Telegram

Fort Worth, TX (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

Dr. H. Peter Ku D.D.S., PA has been named the 2017 Best Dentist—Fort Worth by the Star-Telegram. This award has been provided in recognition for his service towards local families in Fort Worth during more than 20 years. The doctor and his team are experts in providing services including general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. They also offer services like family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, full mouth reconstruction, emergency dentistry, dental implants and standard services like tooth cleanings and general checkups.

As per the official source avaialble at, “Dr. Ku is a distinguished member of the Fort Worth community since the past 20 years and has millions of five-star reviews to his credit. The staff of Dr. Ku’s office are quite privileged to work with him and are happy to make the smiles healthier, brighter and affordable for the population of North Texas.”

Regular patients at Dr. Ku’s office rate him as one of the very best; while in the newsroom, one of his client mentioned, “I’ve been going to Dr. Ku and his office for a couple years. Everyone is pleasant and professional. The Doctors and Hygienists have always made sure my comfort is a priority, which means a lot to me. I have switched my entire family to Dr. Ku’s office.”

The staff along with Dr. Ku are elated to receive the award, and one member told the reporter that, “We invite you to kick up your feet in a comfortable environment, where every treatment is delivered with care and expertise. Our attention to comfort is something you’ll read again and again in online patient reviews.”

The staff, in turn, have a wonderful track record of providing optimal, individualized service. They cater to the needs of every patient and are dedicated to educating patients on best practices to maintain a lifetime of optimum oral hygiene. The office of Dr. Ku is strategically located for easy access of patients around Fort Worth, at 7th Street in the Cultural District (close to Downtown Fort worth).

If you are looking for the best Fort Worth dentist to care for your family’s smiles, you can call Dr. Ku’s office at 817-870-0556 to schedule an appointment.

About H. Peter Ku, D.D.S. PA

Our dental health professionals offer a pleasant experience and superior results; we are dedicated to exceeding patient expectations and educating patients on the best practices in dental health care. We work to ensure each patient experiences a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our staff philosophy integrates oral health and dental hygiene with overall health.

Press Contact

Name: H. Peter Ku
Phone: 817-870-0556

Original article: Dr. Peter Ku Awarded 2017 Best Dentist Award in Fort Worth, Texas by Star-Telegram.


Best Baby Inc Launches Website for Better Parenting

USA (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

best baby walker for carpet

Best Baby Inc has announced the launch of new website to provide tips on better parenting. The website is aimed to help new parents with parenting advice which in turn can help them in raising a healthy and happy child.

While speaking on the occasion, the editor of the website said “This website solely focuses on providing good parenting tips. In the next phase, the website will have information related to parenting provided by experienced child psychologists and doctors; so a new parent can expect some wonderful advice pertaining to parenting, which can help him or her to raise a healthy child”.

The website has simplistic designed and comprises some of the best parenting tips ranging from vaccination, feeding the baby, choosing the right clothes and accessories at the appropriate growth stages of the baby, the different growth milestones of a baby, role of both the parents in baby’s brain development etc. to name a few.

“Each child is unique and hence what holds good for one baby might not be the case in others. So we at plan to address the grievances of each parent and guide them accordingly through the online chat forums that will be made available on the new site.” the PR Manager added.

Best Baby Inc has already set a benchmark with its content structure which offers information on nutrition needs, pregnancy, health and exercise, sleep times etc. “With the launch of the new site we intend to target parents who are always in a dilemma about the things to do when raising a small infant. We welcome every parent to take a look at our new site and encourage us by providing feedback and tips to improve the site” the PR manager said.

Over the last few weeks, has received many positive feedback and emerged as the top site for parents and pregnant women and serves as a one stop shop for providing information on several topics like pregnancy, nutrition, fitness, baby accessories etc. The launch of new section for providing parenting tips by experienced child psychologists is going to another feather in its cap. It also benefits parents who initially will be clueless about raising a baby.

About Best Baby Inc.

We have developed to share practical experience with new parents about how they can be better in baby caring. All the information provided are free and range from variety of topics related to Pregnancy, Potty training, Baby nutrition, Healthy Recipe, Baby crib accessories etc. I hope these practical tips on baby care will help new parents on variety of issues.

Press Contact

Name: Stephanie Beally
Phone: 310-601-5673

Original article: Best Baby Inc Launches Website for Better Parenting.


Las Vegas, NV Ranks #1 City in USA for Real Estate Investing for 2018 Sites

The Las Vegas real estate market has been dominating the headlines and television screens for flipping and investing with 2018 set to be a record breaking year in the USA

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

Real estate investing has been the number one creator of millionaires for the last two centuries in the USA and remains consitent even today. Finacial sorces such as Forbes and even industry specific sorces such as have all listed Las Vegas in the top 10 buy and hold cities since 2008 thru 2017. New information reguarding tourism, job growth and inventory point towards Las Vegas as the city to be watching for 2018. You may be surprised at who is beoming millionaires in real estate. As the book “Millionaire Next Door” points out, its everyday people like school teachers and fire fighters taking advantage of basic wealth creation. Based on historical records, Las Vegas may still be 30% undervalued for price. According to, Las Vegas is currently has the best cost-to-living ratio of all major cites.

William Margita, a local Las Vegas luxury homes real estate agent and industry leader, say “The reason the TV industry and experts choose Las Vegas for their TV shows and hold their live seminars is because Las Vegas is a consistent winner they can count on to make money.” Margita has been in the indistry since 1995 and is a 3rd generation real estate, making him one of the most knowledgable agents not only in Las Vegas but internationally. He adds “Las Vegas is a glabal village drawing world-wide buyers and investor from around the globe”. Currently 2 out of evey 10 escrows that close are from out-of-state or foreign buyers or investors looking to participate. The economy of the once-downtrodden Sin City is expected to grow about 8.7% in 2018—compared with 6.4% for the rest of the top 100 markets, with cost-to-rent reture to be at a possible 15.3%.

Ashley McCormck who specializes in Las Vegas high rises condos for sale and lock-and-leave properties advises buyers to look at the profit and loss statments for last 2 years. McCormick says “Most buyers really on their own ideas or numbers and make huge mistakes when it comes to deciding between buying for cash flow or equity when the numbers may be availabel for the asking.”. She sites the diverity in Las Vegas for the main reason people can make money in multiple investment streams. Las Vegas has some of the most successful Condo Hotel units such as TRUMP or MGM. McCormick points out the Las Vegas has opportunies people are not familiar with as they are coming into a robust city with condos, condo hotels, high rises, penthouses and mansions.

Both Margita and McCormick point out that some some of the best options are to buy “The smallest propery, next to the most expensive mansions”. Margita mentions that in the same community at Spanish Trails homes for sale in Las vegas you have muti-million dollar homes and right down the street a lock-and-leave townhouse rental can be picked up for $250,000. He mentions that people may miss out on this as that community is guard gated and from the outside and looks like all muti-million dollar mansions. He adds that some of the best buys that get overlooked are golf course frontage condos or townhouses around areas such as TPC SUMMERLIN. McCormick says the same can be true for the Las Vegas strip condos where people see a magnifisant building and penthouses on top not realizing there may be a $200,000 studio in the same tower.

Online source mentions that Las Vegas is not only in their top 10, but leads for job growth and an increase of 10%+ in home values. Tourism in Las Vegas is expected to exceed a record 43 million visitors and a record breaking 22,000+ conventions. In 2017 Las Vegas broke its population record and the valley is heading to over 2.3 million residents. With over $10 billion in development projects to include the new NLF Raiders stadium and a new RESORTS WORLD casino, there are over jobs opportunties all the way to 2020. A recent article in the Review Journals mentions Las Vegas may be 10,000 plus contructions workers  short  to complete projects. While many cities in the USA still make an intelligent choice for real estate investors, Las Vegas is the clear leader going into 2018.

About is a top rated source for Las Vegas real estate news and market updates to include all MLS homes for sale in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding cities and communities to include Henderson, NV & Summerlin. William Margita of Urban Nest Realty is has over 22 years experience as an agent, speaker, writer and real estate coach. He can be reached for questions, concerns or bookings at 702-882-8240

Press Contact

Name: William Margita
Phone: 702-882-8240

Original article: Las Vegas, NV Ranks #1 City in USA for Real Estate Investing for 2018 Sites


Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog Has Been Part of Helping 1.5 Million Families in Asia

Now in its 12th year, the catalog offers a variety of practical, income-generating gifts to help families in Asia break free from the cycle of poverty.

Wills Point, TX (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

Millions of people in Asia earn too little to sustain their families; they are unable to educate—or in some cases even feed—their children. Since its inception, Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog has been part of helping more than 1.5 million families to receive practical gifts that meet basic needs and generate income.

“Christmas is about hope, and these gifts bring tremendous hope to people whose circumstances do not have much hope,” said Chris Brewer, a GFA staff member who helped launch the ministry’s first Christmas Gift Catalog in 2006. “All this is done in the name of Jesus, the author of the ultimate hope experience.”

Gifts offered through the catalog include mosquito nets, which protect families from life-threatening illnesses; chickens, which provide eggs—and chicks—to sell; and sewing machines, which serve as a means of income for people who lack formal education and job opportunities.

“My husband passed away six months ago, and I started working in others’ houses to feed my five children,” said Sushita, who received a sewing machine in June. “It was so difficult for me to sustain the family, but now I can use this sewing machine for stitching clothes and earn some more money to sustain the family. God is our provider.”

While donations toward items in the catalog are made around Christmastime, the celebration continues long after, as GFA-supported workers in Asia distribute gifts to individuals throughout the year. Many of these gifts will help provide for families for years to come.

This year, for the first time, the gift catalog offers the chance to give toward a medical ministry fund, which helps provide free health care to families in need through programs such as medical camps conducted in remote areas that are far from doctors or hospitals and where people may lack basic health knowledge.

Nathan Nelson, the project director of GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, says the opportunity and potential to help so many families is what drives him.

“Imagine if it were my family that couldn’t make ends meet,” he said. “Then somebody comes by and actually prays for me and shares hope with me and practically helps me out of a situation. That’s huge. I want to help as many families as I can that way.”

Gospel for Asia offers the Christmas Gift Catalog for free, and a list of catalog items can also be found online at

To learn about how a pair of gift goats were an answer to prayer, visit

PHOTO CUTLINE: Like this family, who received a piglet, many people are experiencing the provision of a loving God through practical gifts available in GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog—from livestock and sewing machines to mosquito nets and water filters.

About Gospel for Asia

GFA (Gospel for Asia) and its world-wide affiliates have—for more than 30 years—provided humanitarian assistance and spiritual hope to millions across Asia, especially among those who have yet to hear the Good News. Last year, this included more than 82,000 children, free medical services for more than 180,000 people, 6,000 wells drilled, 11,000 water filters installed, Christmas presents for more than 600,000 needy families, and spiritual teaching available in 110 languages in 14 nations through radio ministry.

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Name: Press Relations
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Original article: Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog Has Been Part of Helping 1.5 Million Families in Asia.


Top Rated Occupational Therapy Los Angeles Facility, LA Speech, Offers Successful Therapy Options

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

LA Speech & Occupational Therapy has been recognized for its many years of experience. Through this occupational therapy Los Angeles, patients with speech inconsistencies are able to work through these issues getting the long-term results they need. Occupational therapy Los Angeles is important for anyone suffering from speech problems. LA Speech & Occupational Therapy dedicate their time to getting their patients confidence back.

_ _ _ _ _

LA Speech & Occupational Therapy is an occupational therapy Los Angeles team that creates options for speech disabilities. Their goal is to make sure patients are getting all the resources available to overcome their speech issues. These speech options are available to patients of all ages, and this occupational therapy Los Angeles finds unique tactics to provide that care. LA Speech & Occupational Therapy provides top customer service to their clients.

Occupational therapy Los Angeles can seem like a daunting task, however, LA Speech & Occupational Therapy creates a space for their clients to feel safe. They work endlessly to find a solution that is unique to each patient.  With the experienced staff at LA Speech & Occupational Therapy, they have acquired a high success rate amongst their patients. This occupational therapy Los Angeles facility works with their patients to create a goal for them to succeed. The staff at LA Speech & Occupational Therapy is highly educated in this field making them a top therapy office in Los Angeles.

With many years of experience under their belt, as well as within their staff, LA Speech & Occupational Therapy uses all tools necessary to help children overcome their learning delays. Occupational therapy Los Angeles should be made a priority, which is why LA Speech & Occupational Therapy dedicate their time to finding solutions. The occupational therapy Los Angeles services they provide can be designed for clients of any age ranging from toddlers to adults.

_ _ _ _ _

About LA Speech & Occupational Therapy

LA Speech & Occupational Therapy has all the resources necessary to help clients with any speech issues or learning delays. Their customer service goes above any other occupational therapy Los Angeles. LA Speech & Occupational Therapy sets realistic goals making their client feel safe and confident. Patients of all ages can benefit from this type of occupational therapy Los Angeles. If anyone has questions about any learning delays, please contact LA Speech & Occupational Therapy at or in person at 2836 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323-285-6923).

About LA Speech Occupational Therapy Solutions

Cassi Alter, MA-CCC, owner of LA Speech & Occupational Therapy (formerly Cassi Alter, MA-CCC, and Associates), is a recognizable board-certified pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. She has dedicated her career to serving the needs of children with developmental delays.

Press Contact

Name: Cassi Alter
Phone: (323) 954-0887

Original article: Top Rated Occupational Therapy Los Angeles Facility, LA Speech, Offers Successful Therapy Options.


A Trusted Gastroenterology Physician Is Offering Colonoscopy Procedures

Beverly Hills (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California is a Los Angeles based medical practice offering an array of services varying from breath tests to upper endoscopy. This trusted colonoscopy Los Angeles provider has a team of specialists who have countless years of experience in gastrointestinal health. Located at 150 N Robertson Blvd, Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310. 271.1122), Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California is accessible to those in the Los Angeles area.

_ _ _ _ _

The advanced and compassionate care available at this colonoscopy Los Angeles provider is unsurpassed by other treatment centers. This practice acknowledges the necessity in treating individuals with patience and understanding, and that is why individuals everywhere deem this facility dependable. The colonoscopy Los Angeles services available at the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California has excellent testimonials, which has resulted in patients always leaving satisfied.

The treatment offered at this colonoscopy Los Angeles provider is in a class of its own. Colonoscopies are recommended for a number of reasons, and the professionals in this office can help patients determine when or why a colonoscopy is necessary. The colonoscopy Los Angeles experts here can help diagnose a multitude of problems once a colonoscopy procedure is completed.

The colonoscopy Los Angeles specialists at the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California have been recognized as a top-rated medical clinic in the Southern California area. The exceptional services available could not be made possible without this facilities dedicated and dependable team. The considerate doctors are continually looking forward to helping new patients and seeing positive progress. Anyone who is in need of a reliable colonoscopy Los Angeles physician, the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California is the office to contact.

_ _ _ _ _

About The Gastroenterology Institute Doctor

As a highly regarded medical practice, the Gi Doctor has helped patients in all aspects regarding gastrointestinal health, while remaining a reputable colonoscopy Los Angeles physician. Every patient that has visited this physician has received unparalleled service. For those looking for more information on what services the Gi doctor has to offer, visit or call (310. 271.1122).

About Gi Doctor

Press Contact

Name: Peyton P. Berookim
Phone: 310.271.1122

Original article: A Trusted Gastroenterology Physician Is Offering Colonoscopy Procedures.

Source: Announces Special Discount on Children Dental Checkups

Arlington, TX (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017 has announced a special package for children’s dental checkups. The spokesperson from the website says, “The needs of children are quite different than the needs of adults. I want to ensure that my youngest patients take care of their teeth to prevent problems into adulthood.”

The website features a leading family dentist in Arlington, Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S. A spokesperson at the clinic says that, “You can understand why Dr. Marchbanks is favored among the population of Arlington—as soon as patients enter the clinic, they feel the ambiance”. The doctor and his experienced team are committed to providing world-class dental health care in Arlington, TX. Individual dental care is the top priority in this clinic, and the doctor’s team members ensure that patients are comfortable and relaxed during the course of treatment.

Speaking at the newsroom, the PR manager said, “The team at Dr. Marchbanks’s dental office tries to give individual attention and address the specific needs of every patient, while keeping their records confidential. To get your best smile, which speaks of optimum dental health, you just have to head to Dr. Mark C. Marchbanks’s Clinic in Arlington.”

The spokesperson from the clinic also said, “Our team gives utmost importance to the comfort and health of patients. We offer a wide range of procedures including general dentistry, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, major procedures, etc.”

About the clinic

Dentist Arlington TexasDr. Mark C. Marchbanks has a rich experience of more than 30 years in the field of dentistry and Invisalign in Arlington. The doctor and his qualified team members leave no stone unturned in providing utmost satisfaction to their patients. They ensure that patients get a relaxing and restorative experience during the course of their care. The staff at Dr. Marchbanks’s office are also famously friendly and reliable, and help patients to get the best dental care in all of Arlington.

“Every person who enters the doctor’s office is greeted by a friendly staff who will try to understand every need or request. The doctor then shows the utmost commitment to serve the patient with the effective dental care that can really make a difference,” the spokesperson added. Just call Dr. Mark C. Marchbanks’s clinic at 817-261-2747 to schedule an appointment.

About Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S.

Dr. Marchbanks graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington. After attending Baylor College of Dentistry and graduating with a D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) in 1983, Dr. Marchbanks established his own family dentistry practice and has been proudly serving Arlington patients ever since.

Press Contact

Name: Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S.
Phone: 817-261-2747

Original article: Announces Special Discount on Children Dental Checkups.


Most Unique Custom Wreath Designs By Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths has been working hard to create products that are unique to everyone. Their fall wreaths, available at, have been created with their customers in mind. These nontraditional wreaths are more than just a Christmas wreath; they can be used all year long for home décor. Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths wants to make sure their customers receive the most unique products, and strive to make sure their customers are happy with their online shop at

Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths offers a number of uniquely designed wreaths. They have created Los Angeles dodger wreaths, as well as fall and Christmas wreaths. These custom designed wreaths are handmade and designed to fit each customer. Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths offers a multitude of sizes that can fit a door precisely that can be ordered online through

Customer service is important to Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths and creating fall wreaths that are designed exclusively for each customer is priority. Wreaths can be made to order through Alexandra Seasonal Wreath forum. Each fall wreath is delivered to the homes of the customer. Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths,, have products that are made for indoor, as well as outdoor use.  Creating products that are exclusive to each individual is a top priority to this business.

Alexandra Seasonal wreaths has many different wreaths in stock ranging from Los Angeles dodger wreaths to Christmas wreaths, and even some fun year-round wreaths that can be used in children’s rooms. There is no limit to what can be made at Every customer is important to the staff at Alexandra Seasonal wreaths, and they will work overtime to provide the best product possible.

About Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths

Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths creates unique wreaths for any occasion. These wreaths are handmade and delivered to every customer. If you are looking for a new decoration this holiday season, or even just a new home décor, contact them today at

About Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths

Offering handmade wreaths for any season and occasion. Our decorative wreaths are one of a kind and completely unique, just like our customers.

Press Contact

Name: Amy Fernandez
Phone: 323-596-7550

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Telecom Database Managed Services findings Released by Mind Commerce

Data as a Service seen as High Opportunity Area for Legacy Telecom Operators

Seattle, Washington (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

Legacy communication service providers have a wealth of information stored in operational databases.  Some of these DBs are used for internal operations unseen by the end-user, such as carrier application management related data, while other DBs provide data for customer-facing feature functionality, such as Enhanced Caller ID.

As a means of reducing capital expenditures and managing costs, carriers outsource many DB service requirements to telecom managed services providers.  Carriers also outsource to achieve scale and scope related efficiencies that may only be realized through a third-party concentrating in a particular service area such as inter-carrier messaging.  Consequently, there will be continued healthy growth for managed data services due to emerging service areas such as the evolution of LTE, commercialization of 5G, and the expansion of Internet of Things related apps and services.

The overall growth of telecom and convergence of digital media with telephony is driving the need for further outsourcing as the lines between “who provides the application” and “who owns the customer” are increasingly blurry.  Accordingly, there is a growing need for managed ICT data for integrated fixed/mobile network providers, cable operators, and Over the Top (OTT) providers.  One such high growth area is telecom managed database services in which Mind Commerce sees global revenue reaching $2.8B by 2022.

Faced with continuing core service margin erosion, legacy carriers are forced to seek opportunities for profitability improvement.  One strategy is to leverage assets such as network and subscriber data in a Telecom Data as a Service (TDaaS) model involving sale of data to various third parties such as OTT players.  TDaaS is largely based on use of Telecom Application Programming Interface (API) to allow OTT service providers to access carrier data.  Use of telephony APIs by third parties is anticipated to account for up to 27% of all application revenue by 2022.

TDaaS is expected to grow significantly due to a few dominant themes including cloud-based infrastructure/services, enterprise data syndication, and the consumer services trend towards “Everything” as a Service (XaaS).  One key opportunity area for carriers is to sell raw unstructured data as well as data derived from predictive analytics to various third parties.  However, security and privacy issues continue to cloud this opportunity for carriers, even when data is fully anonymized.

ICT Managed Services: Telecom Database Infrastructure, Directory and DB Services 2017 – 2022 assesses the technologies and solutions for Telecom Database Infrastructure, Directory and DB Services.  The report provides analysis regarding existing solutions and insights into leveraging current and emerging technologies for new services.    Analysis includes both legacy TDM-based network services as well as next generation network services based on IP and a flat hierarchical structure.

The report evaluates market leaders in the Telecom DB Services market as well as insights and recommendations into what is likely to happen as a result of company strategies, assets, and company direction relative to emerging industry needs and opportunities.  The report also provides forecasts for Managed Data and Information Services as well as Managed Data Center markets for 2017 through 2022.  The report concludes with an overall market assessment and specific recommendations for the industry and select players.

About Mind Commerce

Mind Commerce is your trusted source for research and strategic analysis focused on digital technologies and the telecommunications industry. Our reports provide key trends, projections, and in-depth analysis for infrastructure, platforms, devices, applications, services, emerging business models and opportunities.

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Name: Dawn Stokes
Phone: 8776463266

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FreightCenter Now Offers Parcel Shipping for Packages

When many people think of shipping, they immediately think of providers like the USPS or UPS but not a third-party logistics provider.

Tampa, FL (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2017

FreightCenter aims to change the way businesses and individuals handle their expedited and ground shipping. The company consolidates various shipping activities for its customers, saving them time and money.

“Our customers needed a one-stop-shop for managing inbound and outbound shipments, and that need included a parcel option.” – CEO Matthew J. Brosious

Whether shipping packages or freight, FreightCenter makes shipping as seamless as booking travel. From obtaining accurate quotes to printing shipping labels to tracking shipments online – FreightCenter customers can now do it all without having to fill out complicated forms or register a corporate account. The service is open to anyone who ships – businesses and individuals.

The company has saved an electronics manufacturer out of Arizona who ships between 30 and 40 parcel packages a month more than $2 on each expedited shipment to retail stores. And, a Minnesotan bio science company that ships promotional items to potential customers, saved nearly 50-percent on their cost of ground shipping.

People that ship a variety of goods several times a month can benefit from having a single point of contact for all their shipments – big or small. There is still time before the rush of the holidays. To get started, call (855) 842-8016 or visit now.

About FreightCenter, Inc.

Founded in 1998, FreightCenter is a veteran-owned and privately-held, full-service nationwide third-party logistics (3PL) provider developing innovative technology that simplifies the shipping for businesses and consumers. With an award-winning history as one of the fastest growing companies in America, FreightCenter is the preferred provider of shipping services such as, less than truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), intermodal, international air and ocean, as well as, parcel shipping and logistics planning. Like FreightCenter on Facebook at and follow @FreightCenter on Twitter to keep up with the latest news.

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